if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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I'm back~ :D

*ties in basement* No he is not back yet...

Stop moving you guys, puppets don't move on their own.

Mr. Pinnochio warned you about harming his associates before, Kar. Now you're going to pay >:)

Pop his clown head with my thumb and pointer finger

All your taco shells are belong to us!

Were still posting on this guys really!
good job for keeping this alive!

A gun!?
How did I forget to knick that from you!?

captcha: I'm blessed...indeed I am Captcha, thank you for acknowledging my true greatness.

You know what they say about blessings, right?

You share 'em!

But my teacher taught me that sharing is not caring animal-eared person that is most likely from a webcomic that I do not know of. XD

Sharing is caring! Pass some blessings, or else!

Or what? I have a sword and look what I did to the Spider Monkey!

Fair point! But sharing is still caring and I want some. :< Please?

Not quite sure if said person is rabbit or kitty...

*Slaps on surgical mask and gloves*

Only one way to find out! Now, where did I leave my Biology for Dummies book?

It's rabbit! Rabbit! You can put down the saw now, really!

Is that an rabbit? If so *gets boiling pot* time for some rabbit stu!

I'd let him go.

I wouldn't...

Call scientists to shoot it and then dissect the body for scientifical purposes

You there. Stop playing on my computer.

*smashes Taco*


Ignore the paradox, you know what you need to do.

*walks away* I'll just let you...rot...

*chains up*

I like you too Tizzy. :P

I don't know, leave them?

I have no use for them

Let it literally rot.

Let my brothers in evil go!

Tear off chunks of flesh and cook them in stew. Wait aren't we talking about The Road?

Uh, just what is tied in my basement?

Hello again kitty. :P

Don't look so surprised.

*sharpens claws*

Can you at least look like you're not enjoying this?

I take dirty pictures and send them to Alice with a message saying that if she doesn't want her friend hurt she will give me..... *Pinky to face* ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!

Force him to say propane isn't that great


Force him to switch his suit to propane power.

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