if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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You look like I beat you up...this is not going to look good when the cops get here. >.>

Cops? Cops? Nobody's calling the cops.

PS: I'm renaming you to "Fluffybutt" for the duration of your stay in my basement.

Please mind the explosives, and remember your manners when being served tea.

Why am I Fluffybutt...is it the hair you like to nom? XD

Keep him there until Halloween. Then, I'll have the most badass decoration ever!

*plays bebop*


*tightens rope on everyone*

*dodges bullets*


Keep Team Rocket tied up to see just ONE episode without their futile attempts to capture Pikachu

Stop him from drinking piss.

Stop him from stopping him from stopping him.
I was going to say something original, but ended up failing hard.

We shall have a tea party, and they shall stay forever...

Well, I suppose I could sell you at the livestock auction.

It's a paradox! AND NOT THE M KIND! D:


The World is evil like that.


Hello there.

I shall study it, and find out what it is. FOR SCIENCE!

Sorry, Fluttershy.. this must be a case of mistaken identity. Blame Discord.

*huggles and releases* <3

An Azu-nyan of my bery own. We shall drink tea, yes tea.

No tea for me thanks. And you poor thing. Who keeps tying you up in here?

Hmm... probably Atlas, he's still trying to frame me for crap.


Curious, this man appears to have 2 hearts. Vivisection is called for I think.

Ah, the pony has awoken. It is time for more... experiments.

His eyes glow green, how curious. I wonder if they'll still glow after they're removed.

You wanted to cut me open alive? After I tried to set you free?

You can rot in here. Don't worry, the Tunnelers of the Divide will keep you company.

They'll be the slow death of the Mojave one day... right now... they'll be yours.

FOOL! You can kill me, but you'll never kill progress!

That assumes you were doing anything that could be considered progress.

All you were doing was... attempted torture and murder. How boring.

I have to find out how you work! and I don't have access to an MRI machine

All you need to know about me is in the Divide.

Walk those paths... the same that I walked... following the Courier.

See the destruction wrought by one as careless as yourself.

The Divide wasn't always like this.

Once... it was a nation taking its first breath... and the Courier, armed by the Bear's plunder...
smothered a new way of thinking in its crib.

The Marked Men, Bear and Bull both, made equal by the ruin in the sand-woven wind and the invisible fires that burn and mark all who enter the Divide in time. Made equal in their pain and hate... hate for anyone not sharing in their suffering, anyone not Marked as they are.

The Tunnelers and the Deathclaws? They'll tear whatever remains after the Marked Men have finally brought an ending to themselves.

You? You'll bring an ending to yourself in time, careless as the Courier.

That won't tell me about your biology! Now hold still, and I may be able to put you back together again afterwards.

Lets see what a pony with no mane looks like *grabs scissors*

Hello Happy. Tell me How do your wings work?

Hello Happy. Tell me How do your wings work?


There you go! Now while you are tied up in my basement, read that!

Hmm... they didn't secure your wings this time... so you could just fly out.

Begs the question... why do you want to speak with me?

I have heard of your "regeneration" Tell me Doctor, how should I test it?

How should I leave the fastest?

I have heard of your "regeneration" Tell me Doctor, how should I test it?

Keep talking, and then you'll find out if YOU can regenerate.

Assuming you can set your spine back into the right position first.

Would you please just stop sneaking in here and tying yourself up?

I know you have these weird fetishes, but I'm just not the guy to fulfill them.

Go bug someone else.

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