if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Wait, you aren't Golden Freddy!

Please stop throwing yourself down the pit.

*Slams face into Honey*

Where are the drugs!

Why is there a dalek in my basem- what the hell is going on???

Another POW. *Hands him clipboard* please fill out these forms so that we can contact you native country and relatives so they know how to contact you, send letters, and that you government knows to keep paying you.

Awwww your too cute to leave in the basement.

*Kicks out of window*

Please stop breaking the expensive shit.

Please stop looking at me like that.

If you must dig a hole to escape, please dig a second hole to put all the dirt from the first hole into.

*Throws superglue all over the floor and leaves*.


The NKVD would love to have a chat with you...

*slits throat*

Too many Russians escape us to reveal vital plans to the enemy. Long live the opposing faction to the Russians!

No-one expects the Russian resurrection!

Why are you resting here instead of giving it to the Hun?!

I'm pretty sure he supports the Shogunate. He's staying here for questioning.

For trying to screen After Earth at the college movie night, your punishment will involve angry squirrels and honey.

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