if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Dunk in industrial grade acid.

Bleach it even whiter!

Buff his teeth until they shine. Might as well do something nice for once.

.... I'll just give her a paint job. =p

Play poker with it.

Yeah, not untying this one.

You on the otherhand... You must die.

Just like the others...

Try to figure out why they're talking to themselves.

I am going to leave you tied up for asking too many questions.

Leave him tied up for never answering questions.

Tie him up with chains to prevent escape.

*puts Zapdos in whatever Team Rocket put Pikachu in for 500+ episodes*

Stroke his ears, they look so soft.

*brushes hair* OMG gurl, do you have any idea how much I would kill for dat head a hair on ya now gurl?

*puts pieces in wrong places purposely*


So this is how it feels to be a bond villain.

I could sell you to bronies.

Why do you keep doing this to yourself in my basement? I told you to stay away!

Finally I shall see what his face looks like.

Discuss with me what this "science" in your head wants you to do.

Oh, you're my wife now..!

Go into town, sell some pegs.

Oh! Sooooo we're into bondage now...

Time to see if SCIENCE can tell why you have no colour.

Time to try some of your own SCIENCE on you.

Good, maybe now I'll get some peace!

Now to find out the secrets of his badge order.

Oh boy, dinner, I'm starving

Hmm...I suppose now I can use that demon ritual to steal the powers of this Kitsune.

I'd let him go. Not really enthusiastic about this right now.

Team Rocket and a Zapdos, I think I should call Zed to join in and help for this one

Umm.....Want an apple after I cut you loose? Cause I have no idea why you're even here.


I like you.

If you stopped trying to escape I'd stop tickling you into submission.

Teoes, get out of my basement! AND STOP EATING MY REINDEER MEAT!

This is what you get for trying to get your reindeer meat back.

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