if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Brb, fleeing planet.

Can I escape with you?

Yeah, sure.

Can I come~? :(

Show him cute things.

Fix with my questionable plastic surgery skills.

Unfix with my expert knife skills.

I do believe we are using different different definitions of *fix* :}

I'd show her what I-... No. Nope, not going there.

Give him a right hook and make him go there for my amusement.

Kill it, kill it with fire.

Roll him down a hill in a barrel.

Take away the flowers. Then watch her cry.

Shine a bright light in his huge eyes.

This is for embarrassing me in science class! *smacks*

Happy! I'm pretty sure that means Natsu is out punching things then. Good.

hmmm, well as long as I have something to torture then I guess it'll do.

As long as I don't die by Narwhals again!

"The Stupid"

Oh god no...

Yes kitty, die by the stupid. I will watch with sick enjoyment.

"Ate superglue"


Excellent, I am getting much enjoyment out of this!

Bishop fucking up the knife game!

What did I just read!?

I don't know, what did you read?

The red button.

Anything but that!

Force him to try and wander the forum games while the escapist is suffering from heavy load.

How does it see? This calls for... experiments.

No experiments tonight.

*drags out*

This cat-like creature appears to be able to talk! But is it trult sentient? Time for a Turing test!





It can move and talk, but it's completely hollow. How does it work? And can I ride it like a robot?

It looks like it's mounted on a wall. But is it? I must look at it in profile to find the truth!


Can you even tie up something that's mostly teeth?

Now that I have caught you, you must entertain me with SCIENCE!

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