if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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I would electrocute but you're already moving enough.

Not sure how I managed it, but neat. This'll be cool when I take you down the park for a walk.

Now now Teoes, don't be afraid. We're only going to be eating wine and cheese, it won't be that excruciating.

If I let you go, are you going to keep going on about wine and cheese?

If I let you go, are you going to keep going on about wine and cheese?

.....Yes, it was like a theme that day, nothing else. Also there is no cake in my basement.

I'm not entirely sure what the above's avatar is... But it looks like a neat pet at the very least.

((Captcha: the cat lady. Good game.))

"Alright, Father, this is it, now break out the Bible and do your thing."

Now to teach you not to wave that flag about like you own the place..

Teoes, fucking stop stealing my reindeer jerky man.

Oi, you don't get to talk! *gets tape*

Good. Maybe you'll stay around here, this time.

I might...but you definitely will! *gets more tape*

I'm going to figure out what made you go crazy.

Tell me, what do you see:


The whole reason I've got you down here is because you kept drawing those damned ink blots on my walls. Yes, I'm going crazy! You're making me!

*keeps drawing*

If you don't want to look at them, close your eyes. Its that simple.

I can close my eyes and out tape over your mouth, but you can still offend my senses.

Would you stop moving about, don't let me get the Taser again!

How are you still able to dance like that?

I'm gonna need some stronger cord...

You may be bishy as fuck but.. actually yeah that's why I've got you down here in the first place.

*walks down into the basement*


How, when you're tied up, did you manage to repaint the entire basement pixel by pixel?

Got to love the fact that it seems like every day that you get to tie someone from the Escapist in your basement. I have no idea how we have the time to do this.


*brandishes Pokeball*

A shiny :D

Get you out of the dome? But I tied you in the dome, no escape for you...

Now all I need is a bag and a river to throw you in

Time to pull on those ears...

You're quite cute. Want to play games?

@Redlin: Sure...

Post 7777 baby!

How do you feel about cheese sculpting?

And you'll stay there until you learn to stop chewing my slippers!

No use struggling, lets see how you like watching Biodome on repeat for all eternity...

I hope you enjoy puppets as much as I do, otherwise it's going to be a long thirty years!

I see you have the Sheogorath badge...

Lets see how much madness you can take...

I always wanted to know how a cat reacts to being shocked by car batteries

On a scale of 1 to 10, how attached would you say you are to your delicious cartilage?

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