if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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Pwn it in a dual.

Smack the taste out his mouth

chop mah wood!

I'd make him watch the newest LRR vid and say,
"This is happening to you!"

I'd ask, "why did I tie my screen saver down?"

I'd smack him around until he gave up his haiku medal!

I'd taunt him with my beautiful haiku medal.

How would I tie it up in the first place?

steal its hat, you took off my mask, I take off your hat!

Freeze him.

I take your hat! Take that, hatless!

*slap it in the face* I already stole that hat, and you stole my breathing air!

Take that Flame-thrower.


UH... Pack up in a box and forget?

Untie him and ask if he would stop doing that in my basement.

I get a whole bus in my basement? This ought to cause more laughs than the time a hotel confused the words 'I want a bath towel' with 'I want a bus'.

I'd be absolutely terrified. Zombie batman is sitting in my basement, and probally very pissed off at me. Running would sound resonable to me.

You can run, I can fly. I catch you and keep you in my basement.

I shall use my super powers that activate when I listen to SOAD and we shall fight to see who will rule. Vicotry shall be mine!

Leave down there and move away....

I'd rather not say...

Oh what fun we'd have with magical powers!

I'd make him watch the newest LRR vid and say,
"This is happening to you!"

OIT! I already made that joke!

OT: I'd remove teh maskz.

Pretend I don't notice him there, and sit right in front of him, fapping.

Force him to find Wally (Waldo)

well its a car and I'm a pyro so,BURN!

Fill his flamethrower with bleach.

Draw a curly mustache on their face.

Show them this video:

Until their head explodes. Every time they begin to fall asleep I slap them.

I've seen that one before. *Shuddders*

Force them to go through tedious quick-time events and tell them they have control of the scenario.

Have them fight Zombie Don Knotts...Why? Cause that would be the most epic fight ever.

Make them ring anounce the fight.

In French.

You will drive the winners around the parking lot, there will be booze and zombies. I might even let you watch where you're going!

Have a tea party.

<.< >.> Hug?

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