if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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I'd have the Engineer set up a Sentry at the door. Ensures nothing gets out without being riddled with a few bullets.

*brings out Home-wrecker* "what?"

I'd say, "Feed that to your dingo!"

"Get out of my basement, and get back to your rp!"

How did you drain all that water?(I need to know so I can stop it from happening)

I'd have to go out and buy more rope for the other three.

Yay! *takes off mask to reveal beautiful blue hair.* Blue hair party!

"Don't tell me what to do!!" *Kicks in reproductive organzz.*

I would challenge them to a children's card game.

OT: I think some one already said that joke.

move the propane tanks out of my basement

hug it, then burn it, then smoke the whites ashes.

I'd take them home...



Not sure anymore.

I'd give them a few books. Ought to keep them occupied for a while.

I don't have a basement, so I'd just untie them, maybe show them around campus, and send them on their way, since they can't use my school's wireless, due to new security.

Put on some HBO. Hopefully I could get someone to talk about Boardwalk Empire with me.

Give it something to brush it's hair

Wonder how it got a helicopter down there in the first place.

Continue the Blue hair party.

Would burn it* this is for all the years as scout

Hosting the blue hair party.

Would crash blue hair party because I don't have blue hair

would dye the cats fur blue.

Would wash the cat's fur.

*begins beating anime character with computer monitor* Stop ruining my fun! image

I was wondering why someone was yelling in German in my basement.

I'd start my own Blue Hair party.

I'd keep you as a reminder of my now robot-infused wife.

would join blue hair party because i now have blue fur

Would clear out the basement for the blue hair party.

Now, how did I manage to get this thing in here...?

Shit, a ninja. We don't take kindly to ninjas round these parts.

I'd try to convince you to dye your hair blue.

leave our blue hair party pink hair
ok continue blue hair party

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