if you had the above avatar tied up in your basement

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ignore this double post

I exist for the sole purpose of un-bluing things. You may not have noticed, but my shoes are bolted to the floor.

Now, how to I remove this large propeller thing?

Must get rid of pink hair.

Joooooooooiiiiiin Uuuuuuuuuuus.

Ask her about where she got that blue hair dye.

My vibrant pinkness will crash your blue party. Prepare yourselves.

joins the joining of blue hair
Argh Ninjad again

Can you teach my dogs how to hop like that? :o

*floods basement with propane* Enjoy your party, HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!

teaches dogs
Bam here you go i gave them pogo sticks

Tis a cat. Ear up = cat, ears down = dog.

Konata's ears are sort of up. Is she a cat?

Does that mean I get to keep her in my basement and feed her and teach her tricks?

Quiet! You have no ears.

im so confused

I sometimes lie in bed wishing I had ears...

says hi to self
hi hi hi hi hi
*head explodes

Quiet! Dead things don't talk!

uses static to light propane

My dead housemate would beg to differ.

Because, you know, he can talk.

Whose basement are we in by the way?

Yours, but now you're tied up! Let us begin the torture!

We're in the community basement.

Think of it like a washateria of sorts.


Stop that! This is getting entirely too silly!

Let's kind of get back on topic here shall we?

Can we just fill the basement with quick drying cement and be done with it?

Oh, my. What have I done?!

I would beg for forgiveness.

Oh wow, a pink haired girl tied up in my basement, whatever shall I do :)?

One step closer and I'll shoot myself!


"Where's my money?!"

I ain't sayin' a word!


It seems the pink haired people are resisting.

the blue haired people will now be briefed in my basement of their next attack against the pink hairs.

Why would you join them?! We have SCIENCE!

But, they have PONIES!

We can create half-pony half-monkey robots. Your point is irrelevant.

I'll break ya legs if you don't tell me where da money iz.

*Holds up baseball bat*

I would hold them ransom and use the money to buy cookies.

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