You eat the Avatar above you!

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I feel bad for this guy.

Yum yum...

What is this shit? Canabalism is cool now?

I hope the net guy likes pumpkins.

That he does.

So many human scum were killed in one instant... YAY!!

This just in: Elite meat gives diarrhea, nausea, and death.

Isaac's earth power went up by 1! Isaac can now hit .1 more points of damage with Earth!

Sweet! 3 for the price of one! Although the girl and the zombie might give me indigestion, especially if the girl is who I'm thinking of. (From Higurashi?)

(Shion :3. And that's not a zombie. That's a little sister.)

Freaking Terumi/Hazama! *Eats*... *Starts twirlling* Oooooh~ You've been trolled~ You've been trolled~

Issac? And who else... Boy, I'm glad there's two of us...

Isaac, Shion, and a Little Sister.

Isaac ate them and became Samurai class.

Fury Is Me.:
Isaac, Shion, and a Little Sister.

Isaac ate them and became Samurai class.


Wait...what's that line of glowing spirit energy? O_o...And Why do I want ADAM?


*grabs bat*

I can't eat through bones, so, I'll just soften you up.

Looks yummy. Will have to shave all of that hair though.

Are we talking about actually eating them, as in cannibalism, or eating them up, as in...uh...glomping?

I have no idea but either way for you will be fine.

I'm not into canniblism but I might as well try it before I dismiss it!

He would taste terrible.

Hmmm, the person and book would be no real problem, but...

That chalkboard in the back will be quite a bother to digest.

I am now a cannibal

Urk, I'm gonna be spitting up clown hairs for a while...
At least I get pie.

To the next person: Good luck with that mouthful of Weegee.

Isaac swallows Luigi whole.

The little sister would be an issue for my system.

Books are for reading, not eating! Even though they have tons of fiber, they taste horrible!
I hope I'm not required to eat the chalkboard as well. It'd be too dusty for my taste.

I could just pretend the person is a nice big piece of bacon, and I'm set on that account.


I eat people all the time.

Looks like the psycho's grandmother... yum!

Mmmm, protoss, good. Slurp.

I will have some well dressed pumpkin pie.

And what appears to be an endless wave of souls...toasty souls.

Yuk. I hate it when my food has wires in it.

The suit and hair would be hard to digest.

Oh, I love children...

I would keep the hat though, its a pretty awesome hat.

that would be awkward to eat...

It seems so wrong...

Is that even edible?

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