You eat the Avatar above you!

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Yes and after I will take your eyepatch and become a pirate lion.

Nomin the lions! Lions and tigers only in kenya!

Tastes like red and beard...

Hmm... fried steampunk chicken... sounds quaintly delicious.

mMMMMmm interstellar squid

Uhh... waiter? Could I please have something other than "creepy clown"?

*eats waiter then continues eating his squid*

If that was Pennywise I would laugh at the irony here.

The Clown:
*eats waiter then continues eating his squid*

I'm not a squid.

Tentacle hot dogs for everyone!

Psionic pie, my favorite. Besides most other kinds anyway.

Tentacle spaghetti for everyone!

The last of his kind. What? He wasn't? Oh, then why am I here?

I refuse to eat a friend...
oh wait... I already did...
I'm so sorry... I must have been close to starvation to do that...

I don't see how, you don't seem to have a mouth of any description.

I wonder if you'd turn bright red if I boiled you?

Mmmm... Cyborg Noodle. At least the robotics must have some flavour.

Cream pie. Yum.

She'd be most delicious.

The best part of waking up, is Eldrich Horror in your cup ^_^

That surely won't taste good.


Please, may I have seconds? :3

tastes like its been marinated in 100 proof moonshine.

Taste like... Wait Huh? I dont even know what IE taste like?

Might make me sick XD

Never had that kind of meat before. Can't be too bad. Maybe have it with some chips.

Yum yum! Roses!

Yum yum, haggis?

Dive with roses, eh?

Sounds delicious... though... this won't have any side-effects... right?
Like sudden vampirism?

It looks past it's sell by date. Probably mouldy on the inside and has probably been rotting for a few centuries by the looks of it.

and it's not Diva >_<

Okay... Ciel with roses... sounds delicious... and oh... a little butler on the side. Great!

And by the way... I'm a Protoss... we live for thousands of years... we do not decompose during that time.

A bit leathery, but okay.

Quite a big looking head. Good for the grill I think.

I'd rather not...

Yum, delicious.

Aww, who wouldn't want to eat that alive.

Is it a guy? Or a girl? I can't quite figure it out...

I'm not into cannibalism, though, so I'll have to pass.

It's a guy :)

I'll just nibble on your left ear.

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