You eat the Avatar above you!

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And I've been missing my daily intake of BRAINS!

That was tasty... but I know have this sudden urge to get my sexy on...
but I'm a Protoss... and that concept doesn't quite translate...

I can teach you, but its one limb per lesson.
Teachers need to eat too you know.

No thanks...

And by the way... LOOK OVER THERE!!!!!

(eats Xmbts while... it is distracted)

Yum. Protoss with noodles.

Look if you're going to make that face the whole time I'm just not comfortable with this.

@xmbts: What?

OT: Needs more salt.

Pass me the gravy please.

*kills with fire*
Has anyone seen my fork?

I say good sir. THat looks mighty tasty.

Time for nomming.

@Xpwn: She just seems way too nonchalant about being eaten.

Nomming you say? I'll be omming and nomming.

It's crunchy but I'll manage.

The ears will be hard to work around.

Oh, what the heck. I've always wanted to see what purplish hair tastes like.

I eat a Yu-Gi-Oh clone?
Ehh... a bit stringy, but nutritious... and helps to preserve public sanity and good taste.

I've already eaten you at some time before space-squid....... but sure, seconds is fine by me.

It looks a little past it's prime...

I imagine it would taste like latex sweat.

Umm... yes... you should be quite "tasty"... I think I really could "eat" you.

Oh, new avatar. The sea crustacean looked easier though and probably tasted of oysters too. Oh well.

Cat boy does not sound appetizing.

Ah, the usual has arrived.

Now where is that Chianti?

That look......haunting as it is...does not deter me from the task at hand!

Someone pass the salt.

Assassin a-la King, good stuff.

I may have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

The book looks tasty.

No amount of armour can deter me from a meal.

Dont look at me like that. Now put this apple in your mouth

Ummmm.....yum? Looks innocent enough.

(OM) next stop, my thighs...

I got the double. Not healthy, but so satisfying.

As long as the glass doesn't get stuck in my throat.

The glasses added a real crunch


The taffy added a sweet flavor to the dish.

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