You eat the Avatar above you!

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nom'd post.

Nom'd person.

Nom you too.

Hmmm, you taste of cake.

Nah I think you've just numbed your senses to anything not cake related.

Good point. I'll eat your hat then. It looks chocolate flavour.

O_o It's blue...

Anyhow I don't think I'd eat you, but I would nab a cake or two for later.

With a side of shrimp, that could be a good meal.

Umm... is your avatar taking a piss?
Er... I'll wait until you're done.

She's sitting on a UFO.

OT: Why would I want to eat him? He seems... past his prime.

Demons don't rally care what or who they eat.

But i must ask the permission of Master Ciel.

Go right ahead, actually eat him for me. It doesn't look all that appetising.


young but chewy. The expensive clothes rally add to the flavour.

I can't even eat this guy, I just pass straight through him.

I have got to eat a skeleton kissing someone.... why couldn't I have gotten the pelvic thrusting clone.

A smoke cloud. Might get lung cancer. Pass.

Sure it may not be the best thing for the future but I'm hungry now dammit!

Well, with the new and improved cake machine up and running it should be pretty good actually. :3

Crunchy.. and not the good kind.

Soft, kind of like a peach. Probably bruises like one too,

A little bony but the meat is tender

I don't even think I can eat you. Unless...

Do you have a cake dispenser? :3

Umm... I'll just eat the skull then...
All I have to do is use a temporal reversion spell on it so that it has some flesh, then I'll deep-fry it and have it with some eggs and tomatoes.

Umm, no thanks. Smurf was never on my menu.

The skeleton or the child?

I'll use the UFO as a cereal bowl.
And you as the cereal...somehow.

The hair will give me heartburn; but the brains, so worth it.

thinks about it.....
calls up tech support to turn her into eatable data then eats it like a fine broth

Great... a paper with some scribbles on it... I must be in New Vegas if I'm THIS desperate.

puts into newly made mouth and grinds him to dust

Er... great... more paper...

its actually the start of a face and for not seeing that i eat you along with your other avatars

Bring it. I eat paper all the time.

Cool, I get a free book and UFO with my meal.

Hmmm, tastes grittier than before.

Tastes like wax.

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