You eat the Avatar above you!

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I think the hard part is going to be peeling the scales off... Oh well... *pulls out a sharp axe from hammerspace*

Ooh, some blue raspberry dragon! My favorite candy of them all!

Interesting, I've never had ninja before. This should be a new experience. >.>

Okay wolf... just keep looking that way... keep looking that way. NOM.

I haven't got anything funny to say or anything I wish to make a comment about. Well, at least I'm not eating dragon egg this time.

Yes, barbecue the witch!

looks delicious >:D swing some Nom juice and gulp it down!

I'm not generally a fan of cannibalism...but I think I could make it work in this case. Give me some mustard and the right seasonings and I probably wouldn't even be able to tell it was human.


Should go nicely on a sandwich.

*get's huge slices of bread and cheese*

Ooh, where's my special fork.


Or, dragon drumsticks... meh...

... Waitamin... TIME PARADOX!!

Tastes like...victory.

Tastes like *Crunch* arrghh my teeth arg dammit!

Tough, yet filling.


This meat is insufficient in blood content.

*more blood* *more blood!*

I ate the motherfucking Grim Reaper. Goddamn I'm so badass.

Something tells me this will be like a bad acid trip.

Anyone have something to wash this down with?

Ooh! Ooh! How about some liquid gold? Which reminds me. NOM

*chugs liquid gold.*

Not sure what I'm eating, hope it's edible...

Mmm... pseudo-Shepard.

I see dark stuff, I'll pretend it's dark chocolate.

Femshep? Oh I'd eat her up. seriously, I have to eat her. That's the rule of this thread.

Hot dog. Sorry for the lame pun.

Hmm... Needs some Hoisin sauce.

Just char it, solves everything.

Flambé'd robot musician?

Reminds me of some rotisserie in South Africa.

Still can't see what it is!
Oh well, nom nom nom.

Why am I going to cough up furballs?

Good thing I wrapped the head in insulation to keep it hot.

Time to dig in.

When in doubt, deep fry it!

Hmmm... Needs to marinate for a few hours.

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