You eat the Avatar above you!

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Ick! Overdone...

How, how do I eat that?

Oh lion steak :D

Awww... Reminds me of a lollipop. *licks*

Ooh, a takeaway wrapped meal!

Well.. it is sort of a bird...

*slowly roasts on spit Wade-DeadPool*
any one else want some it tastes good thus far

Om nom nom... Ow... Why does my stomach hurt...? *BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM*

I feel horrible for eating this little animal, but damn does it taste good.

A... Grass Pokémon?... So.. yeah I will boil you, you small green thing.

Mmm... Cherry with licorice centers...

Aw maaan, takeout again?

tastes oddly like develpoer fail...and dragon...

Great. Now I'm going to have explosive diarreah.

Needs some ranch dressing.

Sure, why not... looks like some kind of toast anyway :D

One superhero burger, please.

One superhero burger, please.

Cancer Burger, if you please.
Slime Burger :D

One latex mask fillet, please.

I'll have the number 5 with chips, please.

One flying rat on a MM-bed.

...Do I just have to be a canibal, or do I have to eat the washer as well?

Part of me is worried that it might eat me back.

I know, I'll torch it, then I'll see what it really is!


Eating ones enemy is good for the spirit.

Would this even be possible?

I have to fire my chef.

.O_o no

Sure, why not?

I'll have leftovers I think.

Anything else on the menu? Anything?

...get off my plate

Get out of my pot.

Note to self: have antacids on standby.

Bleh, doesn't look very good.

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