You eat the Avatar above you!

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*switches to Light Reaver; charges it up; releases its energy... the entire area is illuminated; Cryo is revealed*

Aha. There you are.

*jumps on Cryo; pinning them to the ground*

*devours Cryo's soul/s*

not so sure ghost have souls...

I've already eaten that. I don't wanna eat it again.

A dog head, I dont think so, im not into eating things that are cute...

Finally someone responding to the idea of eating Bolt in a normal, reasonable way.

I can't help but think that's a hat... Not sure if it will be tasty.

who are you!

I would eat it slowly, savoring the flavor.

ill turn you into ice cream and sell it to an Asian guy

*devours Cryo's souls*

This is getting old.

Im sure we would get along seeing as we are both heroes and all

...same as before

Oh... I'm going to have to leave the second person for tomorrow's dinner.

I would run away (huge frogs on bicycles are scary)

...same as before

That smiley is implying something...

Aww. I feel bad about eating a dog. But if it's all I have to eat...


Man, I feel Frenchy all of a sudden... *NOM*

Nice suit, I hope the dressing won't stain it.


Those kings must be respawning because I'm sure that I've tried eating them before...

Why would I want to eat a cartoon dog? I don't even like real dog meat!

Eat? Nah too pink.

I am not in fallout, I won't eat dog.

Maybe if I had the spam company turn it into a mystery meat. Then, maybe, I'd consider eating it.

This thread is strange and confusing. Thank you.

I've never tried armadillo meat...I've heard good things about it, though.

moon rabit meat? yum!

Space cat meat? Double yum!

actualy its a regular cat (blue but regular)


good i like my meat medium well...
(and why?)

I needed something to say.

And it's him, personally, that was on fire.

Your eyes are read. Go to a doctor.

They're meant to be that way, asshole. Perhaps you'd like to see why?

I...don't think that'll be necessary...

BOHAHAHAHA I have an evil laugh.

Mmm, evil laugh, get me some of that.

Batman and the Joker vs. Reisen...

Batman's not a problem. The Joker, however, is already insane.

Good point. But with Batman out of the way, it won't be so hard to just shoot the Joker afterwards, though.

...That's also a good point.

I can do without the cuteness.

*hangs out to dry for a few months first*

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