You eat the Avatar above you!

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Om, Om, Om.

Tastes like chicken! ^.^

(To below, good luck not being eaten by the Iron Stomach Wakko).

*Pops out of chest like a Xeno, Starts eating*

I see you ventured into my labyrinth. Shame the game is all but over.

o3o I sense I'm fucked...

Bit off more than you could chew, eh? (pun intended)

Hmm, this one actually looks tasty.

Every time I've been eating furry food, I get the impression that they need to be peeled or baked like a chestnut....

FIRE UP THE OVEN! *fire roars*

Damn, it's been too long since I had a meal here, OM NOM NOM.

Lovely, a snack.

Stay still! AND DROP THAT BIN!

(noone can eat me, I'll just vanish into thin air)

WRONG! Got you, you furry little bastard! Mmmm furry...


Mmmm... juicy... taste like trash though.

*Vanishes into thin air*

Not even if Cthulu lost a card game to Chuck Norris riding a Triceratops.

Tastes like a man. I should wash that man steak (no way to make it not sound dirty) down with some POWERTHIRST! Made with LIGHTNING! REAL LIGHTNING!

How can I eat this when it keeps FREAKIN FLASHING!!!

I have always wanted to try lion. Come here.

Can't beat a good bit of bone marrow.

Not as fulling at others! D:

*chokes* damn hat...

*chocks* Horns! D:

Well I never, talking food! That's new.

Hmm, satan may be too spicy but that homeless man to the side seems okay.

The fuck is this? I go to a steakhouse for STEAK, not whatever the fuck this is.

Eww, this meal taste sharpy and has a dirty mouth.

It's times like this I had Para-Medic to tell me what the hell this is and what it tastes like.

Mmm... Human flesh.

Mmm, if I have to be philosophical about it... then what does a Greek Philosopher taste like?

Ow its painful to chew and it tastes like gun powder O.o

So what, alphabet soup is now in my diet?
Tastes quite nice.

Hmm tastes like a skull and a cigar spiced up with a hat. I've had better

I can't eat all this random word junk!

Urgh, I can't believe I'm eating a lion... I don't like to eat other apex predators, not cool. That said, pretty tasty.

I don't want to eat a girl with green hair and guns. It's too cute! ;_;

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