Clicks and Giggles: Riddle Me This

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well thank you here is one that almost TPKed a DnD group when i throw it at them in a dungeon

My maker doesn't need me,
My buyer doesn't use me
and my user doesn't sees me.
What am I?

think i must have heard this one somewhere before, the answer is poison

My maker doesn't need me,
My buyer doesn't use me
and my user doesn't sees me.
What am I?

That would be a coffin, good sir.

Would a new riddle make up for this?

Forever foe to what is wrong,
Men rage if I be lost by theft,
I am what justice works to bring,
And all you have when nothing's left.

What am I?

well i don't know if a new riddle is the answer bc we have yet to hear form treeboy027 if you are right with "an alarm clock"
but let the games go on.... your answer is RIGHTS

actually it's a telescope. alarm clock would fit if it weren't for the subtle hints.
aka look for the words "planet" and "lens"

a coffin it is CounterAttack your go ^_^

This should be pretty easy:

What has a tongue but never talks,
Has no legs yet always walks?

a shoe

a shoe

Yeah, a shoe/boot. Damn.

Sorry for the delay. Gypsy ninja pirate zombie king:
a) Your name is a bit unwieldy, but that's just me.
b) You may want to add some grammar and punctuation to your posts. Again, that's just me.
c) You're right, post the next riddle.

okay hears one i thought of a bit ago

what can you take but never lose?

I dunno....advice?

no sorry

its a zombie with no lungs and a effected tongue lmao or maybe a statue due to the fact it speaks to people in different ways like art

thats waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off its more simple than that

a secret someone has told you

ITs Shoes !!!


A nap?

a break?
Hope i get it... I gots me a good riddle

its the internet!!!!!! u know u want it to be lmao

This is just a shot in the dark, but is it knowledge.

A compliment.

I know I should only answer if I have a riddle, but these guy's aren't getting the answer any time soon. If I'm right, give the riddle to someone else.

nobody got it right so i'll just give the answer it was a step if you got a riddle than post it

Ok I've got one.

What is cut but never eaten.

A rope?


cheese. as in , "who cut the cheese?"

Sorry but none of those are right.

Is it a deck of playing cards?

humans lol

Is it a deck of playing cards?

That is correct.

humans lol

You don't eat them?

I do believe it's spike's turn to share a riddle with us, but if he doesn't have any does anyone else?

heres one wat is real but not real

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