Reality TV Show Video Game Edition 3: Anime Invades (closed)

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Season 3 is finally here, and with it a few changes have been added to the basic RP formula.

Below are a list of characters that will be featured in season 3...

I've been a huge fan of this series since around the star of season one I would love to be apart of it

I'm bringing both of my characters at the start.

Elricik, Read this first:
The reason im going to need 3 characters from the start is because without Canti, Naota is utterly useless except for a few times where things will pop out of his head. So, I hope im allowed to have these three characters. And, since their from the same anime, I will still be able to get one episode.
Actually, scratch that, I thought of an genius plan. Ill be bring both Naota and Haruko in from the start, then Canti in at about the second episode.

You guys might want to check the TVTropes page, I did some edits, and I think it lookes even prettier than before.

Murasa may come into the equation later but thats it for now.

@PF: You know, since there is the God-Mode council, you will really need to watch what you post and give everyone a fair chance during fights, and stuff like that.

HELLO! I'm back :) my team won the football game. 56 to 18, it was awesome.

Good for you Rob.


Gimme a few minutes to get Samus' sheet up, elricik. She and Morrigan are my characters this season.

In unrelated news, here's some kickass music.


I know it's short, but I'm short on time.

My second charecter, If i choose to have one.

@Rob: Ah, Emile. Because sometimes, you just have to stab something.

@Steak Or shoot it with a shotgun...

@Rob: Or both!

@Fury'>BT @Fury: You guys know I hate it when we argue like this. There's no real point in it.

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