Reality TV Show Video Game Edition 3: Anime Invades (closed)

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Tsukasa:*take a picture of Superior Raharu poping out of Naota's head*
Tsukasa:Super. Perfect.

@Steak: Steak? Steak?! STEEEEAAAAAAAAK!!!

@Fury Considering I think about it at least twice a day everyday since I was eight it seems really normal. I'm also very likely sociopathic in terms of not feeling emotions and the like involved.

Superior Raharu: *Pays no attention to Tsukasa* There you are...

Haruko: WOW! I always communicated to your through Naota's cat, but I NEVER thought that you would just randomly pop out of Naota's head like that!

@Element:... Are you my real brother? I'm the same way.

@Everyone If you have a previous post on a page and a post gets eaten simple go to that post hit edit hit post and your eaten post will appear eliminating the need to double post.

@Fury They cloned me and made you me thinks.

@Element: How old are you?

@Fury 18. Why? How old are you?

@Element: I'm your clone. I'm fifteen.

@Fury/element: But if you're different ages, then how-

*Head explodes*

@Fury Freaks out and runs away. *Actually leaves to go see Jackass 3-D*

@Steak It clearly took 3 years for a successful clone to be made.

@element: *Speaking from my neck-stump* Oh, I see.


@Steak: They cloned me three years later. Also

Shion: Hmmm...~

Morrigan: So, what now? Got any good stories to tell?

Shion: Did I tell you the story of my life, before? Cause that's an interesting one.

Morrigan: Yep. Anything happen between seasons?

Shion: Not really... Other than having the universe eplode then reform again.

Aang: I just found this thing callled the internet and Im amazed...I've found everything one could think of including myself............and this:

Morrigan: You haven't seen the Internet, Aang? REALLY?

Haruko: It's like looking at myself!

Naota: Like I really need two of you to handle!

S. Raharu: Let's just say im more competent.

Tsukasa:*stares lecherously at the hotness of Morrigan*
Booster: No bad Kamen Rider, No. *pokes Tsukasa in the Neck*
Tsukasa: *laughs uncontrollably*
Booster: Super Technique: Laughter Pressure Point

Shion: Internet? You mean that little thing that connects all the computers in the world? It got BIGGER? *Is from 1985*

Kirby: YO what up my dawgs Word

Ang: well in my anime the biggest advancment tecnology wise is metal yeah this thing is a big deal...especially after I found my naked fan art of my girlfriend(That'd be Katara)

Morrigan: Hell yeah, Shion! MUCH bigger! So much yuri! And, uh, video games...

Naota: Why are you in a bunny girl suit?!

S. Raharu: Because....
That's not important right now.

Haruko: What's important right now then, Superior!?

S. Raharu: on the run from the Galaxy Space Police Brotherhood.

Haruko: Did YOU REALLY need to tell everyone that?

S. Raharu: Yes.

Shion: Yuri?... *Knows what it means* *Suspicious of Morrigan a bit*

Morrigan: *Slightly ashamed grin*

Shion:...I see. And videogames? You mean those things they have in stores and arcades and such?

Morrigan: Yep! But now they're bigger and more awesome! And you can get them online!

Naota: Yeah, we already know that.

S. Raharu: ....
You do?

Haruko: Yep.

S. Raharu: ...
This current scene will now be replaced with fan art of me. This is boring.
*Elevator music*

Shion: That sounds cool... Hmmm~ *Still enjoying getting her temples rubbed*

BT: Since that scene just got BSODed with a picture of Superior Raharu, im going go annoy Morrigan and Shion...

Lilith: *Sneaks up behind BT and pokes him* Teehee!

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