Diary of a Minecraftion Man.

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Minecraft, love it or hate it. It's taken the internet by storm. So I've decided to make a little game in the vein of How I escaped from Hell.

The rules are simple, you as the player have to fill in one day of the diary of your average Minecraftion,

Player 1:Day 42: I punched a Creeper in the face.
Player 2:Day 43: I fell in a hole and found some Diamond.

And if you get ninja'd try to fix your post as soon as you can.

Ok, simple enough? Lets get started,

Day 1: I woke up on a beach, so I decided to punch some trees.

Day 2: I got raped by a punch of zombies, but I'm safe. Or is this my coffin?

Day 3: I escaped from my coffin and made a house.

Day 4: I accidentally burned down my house when trying to build a fireplace.

Day 5: The entire island due to an incident with my house burning down, is somehow now mostly on fire and i'm stuck swimming in the ocean.

Day 6: I stumble upon another wonderful island, with waterfalls. Quickly, I build myself a cave.

Day 7: The cave is a bit deeper than I first thought but I can get out any time I want.

Day 8: I made a discovery today in the cave that torches magically prevent monsters from coming to life within a small radius. I hope the person who first created these magic toches doesn't somehow make them last a limited amount of time.

Day 9: Oh crap, it's Herobrine!

Day 10: I saw these strange green things, when I went up to one, it exploded! Now I have to find a way to remove this torch from my arm.....

Day 11: I began the painful procedure of slowly hacking off my arm with a spoon, only to find it was the wrong one.

Day 12: I explored the cave some more and found lava! I also found a myserious red stone...

Day 13: I decided to leave the mysterious red stone and I fell down an even deeper hole through the bedrock, I was falling through nowhere out of the game level

Day 14: Everything faded to black and I somehow found myself on the same mysterious shore I woke up on days before, furthering my theory that I am in some sort of personal hell.

The island is still on fire.

Day 15: The fire has spread and I cannot find a body of water that is not blocked by fire. I begin climbing the highest mountain on the island which appears to not be on fire at its summit.

Day 16: On a total whim, I begin smacking the ground at the summit, and soon I have built a fine collection of dirt blocks.

'I wonder what to do with them'

Day 17: I built a small home on top of the mountain using the dirt, rock and wood on the mountain. I am starting to fear that I am losing my sanity.

Edit: Title says Dairy and not Diary if you didn't notice Knife.

Day 18: I expanded my home ontop of the mountain, creating a few dining rooms, an observatory and a tree garden on the roof. Unfortunately, however much I try, I cannot make anything to go into my dining rooms, or observatory.

Ooh look! A pig!

Day 19: The pig was killed for food, only to discover that, for some reason, I can't cook it on any of the fire around the island.

It's as if the pig itself is fire proof. I think I'll test by chucking a live pig in the fire.

Day 20: The experiment yesterday produced results that no person wants to see or remember. As I was in my house I was attacked by another of those large green things. It didn't kill me but the floor below me was destroyed in the explosion and I fell into a lava filled cavern.

Day 21: I wandered around the cavern for a few hours, as best I could.
I am now contemplating just leaping into the lava to end this. Doing so by smacking at rocks in the cavern, which, somehow, gives me bricks.

Day 22: I decided to test my surroundings by punching some more of the surrounding rock. This resulted in gaining what appears to be cobblestone and the knowledge that I am, in fact, a true master of the martial arts in being able to break rock with my fists, and with no pain in fact.

My path was made clear...

Day 23: The path wasn't as clear as I first thought. I tried to dig up but all that did was give me a chimney to my lava filled death cave and a few bricks.

I found a slab of letters in my pocket and they seem to represent buttons. I wonder what I should press first?

Day 24: I explored the lava filled cavern some more and found DIAMONDS! Theys are my...preciouses....

Day 25: After somehow tying three diamonds to the end of two sticks I had made earlier, I created a really cool, yet strangely blue, pickaxe!

Freedom here I come!!

Day 26: I began mining my way out but I had dug into the ocean and the cave was flooded and I nearly drowned. When I woke up, I was back where I had originally fallen into this cave.

Double post, sorry.

Day 27: I'm seriously gettin tired of physics. LEAVE ME ALONE, GOD! WHAT DID I DO?!


Day 28: Those strange green things are falling out of the sky, hundreds and thousands possibly even millions of them. And they seem to be holding a strange red box with the letters TNT on them.

Day 29: I was correct. It was TNT. I gaze out from my crude dirt bunker at a ruinous landscape gouged by the countless explosions.

My future is uncertain. I must consider the right course of action.

Day 30: I constructed a crude wodden boat and set off in a random direction. After sailing for miles I came to a large island. Strange thing is, my boat exploded as soon as it touched land...

Day 31: It seems that those green things followed me!

Day 32: Green things are advancing. Have used what little resources and tools I could craft to create a wall. Its 4 blocks high and 4 deep. Can't be too cautious. However I am now penned in and cannot see.

Day 33: Today, I made a sign and planted it infront of my wall. It reads: "KEEP OUT, GREEN THINGS!" I sure told them.

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