Diary of a Minecraftion Man.

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Day 34: Green things destroyed sign, have now started excavations on escape tunnel from my self imposed prison.

Day 35: Fell of Cliff onto a bunch of Creepers.

Day 36: After several hours of labour, I dragged my top half up the cliff and along the ground to my residence, where I had stored some large chunks of pig intestine, not cooked for lack of a heat source. After nearly dying of food poisoning, my legs regrew, allowing me to put back on the tattered remains of a pitiful excuse for a strip of leather, which I affectionately call my leather chaps.

Day 37: A cow knocked on the door, and I let him in. I'm gonna call him.. Frederico.

Day 38: after falling a sleep I wake to the sound of Fredrico speaking perfect English....I really am going nuts but I run with it and start talking to him

Day 39: I must have fallen asleep again, this time I wake up to the sound of Fredrico sharpening a sword, he stopped when I stirred. I think he's going to use it as a spit..... as a suprise present..... I wonder what he's going to cook.

Day 40: I found a cactus. Seeing it go upward made me want to build a tower into the sky.

Day 41: This is going to need a lot of ladders. Better build a new axe.

day 42: I furbish a new axe from Fredricos sword and his spinal column. Im ready to tackle this task.....what was I going to do again

Day 43: It was probably unimportant, now to charge blindly off into a random valley to get lost at night.

Day 44 It's night and I'm lost.. da_ I'm an idiot...

Day 45: Gave up finding my way, picked a spot, and started digging a hole.

Day 46: Still digging.

[/force update]

Day 47: Fall into the hole and onto lava.

Day 48: Died and respawned back at the beach.

Day 49: Met somebody. Apparently there is a whole village made of cotton on the opposite direction from where I went from my spawn. Accidentally set fire on a home.

Day 50: Having burnt down my house AGAIN, I decide to hereafter build my house only out of cobblestone and dirt... and tnt.

Day 51: Scratch tnt. House exploded. Going to get some clay to make bricks for a house...

Day 52: accidently dug myself into a large cavern getting clay.

Day 53: Found some iron, Scratched at the wall to no avail.

Day 54: I've seem to have developed narcolepsy. I keep waking up in strange places during random intervals of my day. It's scary. Now it's night and I do not know if I even did anything to prepare for the day.

Day 55: I dug a hole today, trying to get some shelter, then I found GOLD!

Day 56: I spent 6 hours carefully neatening the walls of my hole, but then a green thing came and ruined it.

Day 57:Looked inside the hole from the green thing yesterday, Found a pit of lava.

Day 58: This guy that looked just like me came up to me today, he just ran off, I don't think he had any pupils either. Hmm strange....

Day 59: turns out impossibly that wierd other me was a trick mirror. I break it down for resources

Day 60: Ended up cutting myself on jagged glass of mirror. Kill a pig with bear hands and eat meat raw to gain some energy back.

day 61: Speaking of bears and pigs. I have encountered ManBearPig......holy shit Al Gore was right. I run in terror till I slam head first into tree dying in the process

Day 62: Respawn in the same area on the beach. Make myself a very large sand castle, and sleep.

Day 63: When I wake up I find I have been taken captive by local manbearpigs. They demand leather pants.

Day 64:The strange person who has no pupils can back today. He scared off the ManBearPigs.

Day 65: I can't take this anymore, I create a few boxs of tnt, stack them all around me and light them up!

Day 66.

I exploded, and respawned back where I started. This is getting tedious. It is time for a change.

I hunt down enough cows to construct leather pants and helmet, craft myself a stone axe, and set forth to find my destiny.

Day 67: I found my destiny.

Day 68: Working 9 to 5 in my cubicle isn't doing so well, so I sought another destiny. I start construction of a boat to sail out of here.

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