Diary of a Minecraftion Man.

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Day 69: I have constructed a small raft that will be able to float me out to see, now I just need to gather enough supplies for my journey.

Day 70:I set sail in my raft and after many hours the air became colder and the see froze over. I walked over the frozen sea until I found land and constructed a house out of snow.

Day 71: I don't feel content with my house. So I make it a tower that reaches as high as the sky. After it's done I ponder jumping off hoping that this time it will let me escape this hell.

Day 72: I climb back down the tower deciding that I will make bread for the rest of my life and stockpile it in the hopes that a zombie invasion will occur one day.

Day 73: After trying to make bread out of dirt, I feel something different might work. I think I have some seeds somewhere.

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