Kirby the Escapist above you's Avatar.. What power do you get?

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i get a green faceless dog...AWESOME

I have twin powers! TWIN METEOR GO!!!

The ability to be that one kid nobody likes...

Mega Buster.

Mega Buster.

Ahem... It's called the "X Buster" in my case. (Lol)

The ability to stare at books all day and yet not get any info outta them.

awesome again with my robes turning blue!

Yay more mage-type powers that totally don't involve mirror kirby.


I get glowing pets?

...a hoodie?

Matching outfits?


the abilty to be scared...

well that wont help me!

Ability to look like an native american tent. Tiki is what their called right?


And I get to look helpless, perfect.

And I look like a prick. PERFECT

The power to..look innocent

@Justin: D8

I got a box...

a shirt with a gun on it

The ability to split into a man and a woman!

The ability to fly a WW2-era bomber while dead.

the ability to....what do i get?

Magic on top of the ability to command space cruisers.
Kickass, now I'm Darth Vader!

Head...too large...can't...breathe...

i get to part of the band Gorrilaz kick ass

red hair...ok

I get moar MP!

Red eyes. Pretty useful in my line of work.

I have the ability to make myself a good hand of cards whenever I want!

I gain the power to be in every FF game EVAR. Plus I'd like to use the pompom to choke people.


I gain the ability to look that helpful?

I have the ability to make "M's" magically appear out of nowhere! Fear my power!

Multiple colors!

If I see correctly, then I get the ability to stop time.... or something...

Absurd ears.

Schoolgirl dress.

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