Kirby the Escapist above you's Avatar.. What power do you get?

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The power to blow shit up with my mind. (among other things)

You got wire! You are now able to get internet and tv in your brain!

A sword... and rapid stabbing attack. Press and hold for a powerful overcut.

I get the power of being one of a million easily disposed of generic 'bad person/creature'.

I'm pointy, yay

The uhh...power to...wait, wait, wait. Portals?!

Yay, pooorrrtaaaalllsss!

The power of the almighty jack-o-lantern, lightsaber knight.

I have 4 wings I can fly and I have his badass weapon

I have semi-powered armour and a lady in my head.

A wind machine

Portal Gun?

... way too easy.

But lets go with a kicking mustache

The ability to be a...helmet wearing skeleton?

Extremely good timing.

spooky witch powers WOOOOOO

Oh goody I get the power to defy gravity.

And the portals too I guess.

Uh.....Spikey powers?

Umm... The power of... being wooden and pointy? Ooh! I could roll around and stab stuff just by moving!

The ability to be used by a sadistic board game inventor as a puppet in a depraved opera that focuses on electronic entertainment.

I'm sensing deja-vu here

I get the ability to summon Pokemon of a higher level.

The ability to annoy your opponents to death

(Pointy and spikey?)

OT: I get to use a really big (borderline impractical) ax.

I become a Publisher's Club member.

I can turn people into Newts....

But they got better....


OT: I can go sarge people now...mwuahahahaha.....mwuahha....ah....

I can turn into a dragon.

The power to shine!

I can shine my glasses obnoxiously now.

The power to be ninja'd by me.

The power to communicate with starfish.

The power to move my head vertically.

The power to carve no less then 700 starfish, while comatose.

I gain the power of Electricity! And send my tendrils to other Escapists and Suck their powers!

I gain the power to look androgynous. Oh, wait. I have that.

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