Kirby the Escapist above you's Avatar.. What power do you get?

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The power to suck people into my mouth and swallow(that's kirby's power)
The power to be a young ninja

The power to fight demons with guns, IIRC?

Hockey Sticks.

Win get.

Erecting a dispenser!

The power to be skilled with every weapon known to man. Yes this is Cyborg Noodle.

The most powerful pie throwing ability known to the multiverse!

To get your ass kicked by a small rodent and it's kid master. D:

The power to be many but still get my ass kicked by one immortal "doctor".

the power to make people want to destroy me just for existing

The power to command faceless space soldiers.

The power to look at people creepily...

Yeah, liek that's a cool power. Suuuuure.

It's funny because you don't know what I mean. Also, the AEUG avatar is in your avatar! kewl!

The power to shine the sun from behind me wherever I am.

The power to blink....

The power of sarcasm.

The power of humour.

The power to speak through blinking.

A cast iron stomach.

To sit in one place and blink constantly.

The power to get extremely wrinkled

To disgust all without trying.

The power for extra damage against all 'Government' type enemies

The power to rule a kingdom!

The power to disturb others deeply.

The power to be more popular then the central character.

The power to make people laugh.

I'm thinking, it starts with a B, definitely. Blinking? No that can't be it.

No, your power is hair that could kill a man at twenty paces.

ability to make awesome poses

I'd have the ability to pelvic thrust indefinitely. Also, i'd be dressed as a stormtrooper for some reason...

I'd have the ability to be...dark?

>To the user below me, my avatar is that of a snowwoman with an icehair and iceclaws. Have fun :3<

The power to be deadly in a snowball fight, and useless in warmer months.

The power of blue hair

OT: I get to wield yoyo's with deadly force.

The power of perspiration.

The power of a Data Integration Thought Entity

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