Kirby the Escapist above you's Avatar.. What power do you get?

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The power of making people quiet.

I get to wear a purple mask and be all spooky.

I can play the guitar and go toe-to-toe with Bruce Willis.

The power of the Dark Side!

(Trollin' slightly, if he remembers me.)



Flail attack.

The power of nom nom nom nom.

The power of smaller stature.

The power Koizumi stealing.

The power to be a great cook.

The power to be nearly transparent.

The power to be a darker evil twin...Wait crap I want do-overs..

The power of playing the guitar and being able with all weapons.

The power of lowering the frame-rate of the world.

The power of whiteness.

The power of changing my name depending on where I am standing (Tali Zorah, Neema, Normandy)

The power of the Dark Side!

(Trollin' slightly, if he remembers me.)

You wouldn't anymore. I am free of all delusions of Darth-Vader-ness.

Access to the official Nintendo money pile?

The power to suffer tinder-itus (sorry)

Why would it give you acces to the pile of 'Nintendo'? XBL avatar, Chocobo, Garrus eyepiece, LP2 top, HALO beret. Why Nintendo?

The ability to summon birds.

I get to be all mysterious. Yay!

I can remove my own face.

Hmm, my hair is lighter and I don't have a pug nose...neat.

My hair is darker and I have a pug nose. This is bad.

I get the incredible power of nonchalance.

I get to be badass.

I can do SCIENCE.

I can take on Bruce Willis.

I get what looks to be abnormally long arms.

I get... Noodle powers.

I get the ability of being a boss in a game I can't beat.

At least, I think that's Flandre?

Calumon: I get pretty wings! :3

I get the power to be unbearably cute

I get the power to bomb the crap out of stuff.

Followed by lol'ing my bony ass off.

I get the power to give children nightmares with my theme music.

The power to doze whenever where ever.

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