If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Well, what would you do?


I might have a problem with this.


Not again. *groan*

TO PERSON BELOW: Can I make you breakfast?

Shove a desert eagle into his face and fire until the clip was empty.

Vesuvius Hetlan:
Shove a desert eagle into his face and fire until the clip was empty.

Pull the bullets out of my face and make waffles and bacon.

AH! Oh, oh, it's just a mask? Dawwwwwwww, what a cute wittle puppy.

Hey, sugar. Ready for round 2?

"Your gun is in an uncomfortable place..."

*opens eyes*..........This is all sorts of illegal.


Does this smell like chloroform to you?

Probably rip major ass like every other morning. :D

Drive away.
Beep beep I'm a bus!

Aaahhh!!! It's a bus!!!...............*hides under covers*............you'll never get me in here......>.>..

..... at least it's not a human.

... can I keep this piece of armour?


I'll thank you to leave now.

We shall never speak of this.

Did you leave a window open?

Hey sexy...

hey baby, wait, your not my girl friend, but you like something she acts like, and no it's not the god thing.

*dudum dishhhh*

How did you get out of my basement?

It's better than last time, at least...

Well, I've woken up to worse.

It's simple, remember the time I woke up in Chell's room, well yeah, portals.
Now go back to sleep. *hugs*

OMG 2 ninjas!

Hazama I command you to stop touching me! D:<

Most likely the bed will be on fire, followed soon after by the rest of the house.

One hell of a party, I guess...

...What? WHAT!?


*Cries and whimpers*

I'm allergic to pumpkins!!
*sissy slaps*

Darn furries...

Could be worse.

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