If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Ankara: *pounces and snuggles while you're distracted*

@Red: *Is never distra.....*
Ooo.... pretty colours
Dammit >.<

*Snuggles you all, except mPara, who is mean >:(*

*continue making colours* :D

@MWM: I agree.

@Ankara: *cuddles*

@MWM and Shock: It's his birthday though. Come on you guys! >:(

@Para: *snuggles extra hard*

@Redlin: ...It is? o.O

...Still mean >:(

@Red: =^_^=

@Para: *Snuggles*
*runs away before I get arrested again*

@MWM: >:/

Can't you forgive and forget?

@Ankara: *pounces and cuddles before you can escape*

Oh and hi Fallen :3

@MWM: It took me a fair while to realize that Shock meant you. <.>

@Ankara: *repeals law, makes it redundant* :D *cuddles*

@Red: D: Nya~ >.<
*looks over too*
Hi there

@Para: Yay =^_^=

@Fallen: How is life?

@Ankara: *pets*

Sorry! :O

@Para: *hugs*

@Ankara @Fallen @Red hai there

@April: Hey April :)

@Red: Good thanks, yourself?
*Pets Ankara too*

*Purrs happily*

@April: Hi

@Red @Ankara @Fallen *cuddles all* How is everyone today?

@April: We're good thank you, and you?

@Ankara: *pets*

@Fallen: Might as well, hallo hallo! ^-^

@April: O.O We meet... again! *gives a theatrical hug*

@Fallen and April: Been thinking about where I should try getting a job from today. You know, the usual attempting to grind out a living. The Escapist brightens my day though. *cuddles*

@Ankara: *dangles a piece of string in front of your nose*

@Para: *Purrs happily*
Hi there

@Red: *Bites at the string*

@Ankara: *Swings it back and forth*

@Red: *Bites the string and pulls playfully*

@Ankara: *pounces*


@Red: Meep O.O

@ankara @fallen I'm good. I've hit my goal three days in a row of walking at least a mile and an additional goal yesterday of running 1/2 a mile so i'm pretty happy with myself. Just need to now start cleaning my room to get some more goals done and my bedroom done.

@red yeah i'm taking a week off of that. I'll go out next week and do more job hunting. I go out about every other week so I can have a week where I can get housework done and make sure my applications are all filled out.


*Passes out* 3:

pyramid head grape:

*Passes out* 3:

*picks up and takes to a bed*

@April: Yay =^_^=

*smashes door down melodramatically*

Good evening...

*smashes door down melodramatically*

Good evening...

*repairs door, irritated*

Good afternoon...

@Sckizo: O.O

*hangs coat off Red's horns...!*

Good... evening! =P

*tosses coat to the floor*


*peeks out from under a nearby bed*

@Everybody: *comes charging in like a boss and latches on to the nearest person*

Also, I'm gone for 4 hours and i come back to find about 2 new pages...

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