If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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...Will I stop being a fleshy bipedal primate after them?

That depends... does no longer living count as that?

kidding, kidding

Yes, it does.

Well then, yes you will!

YAY! *Hugs* =^_^=

@Martian: *hugs back*

@Malyc: How are you?

@Martian: Doin pretty good, how bout yourself?

@Malyc: I'm fine =3

*Runs in and pounces at anyone in front of me*

@Ankara: *Falls over and snuggles* Haii! =^-^=

@April: Would if I could :O

@red its the thought right? Out of curiosity, why can't you?

Band, job hunting tomorrow so I'll need to get some real sleep and my mic is missing. In fact a lot of things I own are missing. Like my Pokemon LeafGreen game :/

Oh shi!!! indeed.

@red O.o blasphemy! How could leafgreen be missing?!? I'm job hunting wednesday. would have today but my mum had my car

Oh shi!!! indeed.


Welcome new person.


@xmbts: *pokes* I'll not stop poking you til you tell us how to pronounce your name!

Easy it's R-wait no.

*Huggles Ex-um-bits* Hiya =3

Oh shi!!! indeed.


*pats head* Welcome new entity. o3o

What's the best Pokemon game on the DSi... -thinks-

*walks in singing loudly and off key*

*waltzes and starts humming Zombie Panic* e.e

*stumbles in, drinking coffee straight from the pot*

ZZZ ... O_O *snuggles a bit closer*

... I'm cold...

My Valentine:

I came to you today and sat beside you...
I gave you a flower and wondered at the view...
As you watched me cry...
From the other side of the river...



Oh, the irony that that (*points at avatar*) is my avatar...

Long may it be that I long for her, but the boatman will not have me in his ferry...

@sckizo *cuddles*

*glomps Topaz*

@Topaz: You looked lonely, so... *huggles*

*skips into room* 'sup peoples and Charon?! :D

@Topaz: Forever alone day, indeed... *hands Topaz shiny fiery torchy club*

OHAI PARA!!! *speed glomps para*

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