If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@april: very well, but did you remember to separate the different blood types?

@steeple of course I did. What do I look like? An idiot?

@Steeple: ;~;

-rises up from lunging forward with a foot on the ground standing back up-



*passes out face down on the floor from exhaustion*

*adjusts your face, places fluffy pillow underneath you* :o

@april: if anything, I'd say episcopalian...

@ankara: why the long tearful face?

I love ERB...

@Steeple: ...
*Falls asleep*

*snuggles with Ankara and falls asleep too*

I'll just leave this here...

I'mma just leave this here too...

@Lazy: Mew?

@Ankara: Was meant to be doing homework today, not a lot but still homework's homework... But that's totally boring and I played Team Fortress 2 for way to long. -proud kitty is proud of self-

@Lazy: *Giggles*

@Ankara: So tomorrow I'll just have to wake up sooner than I usually do and then do it all then, since it's only some research and little stuff like that really. I would do it now... But playing TF2 has frazzled my mind to think straight anymore.

-flails dizzily on the ground-

@Lazy: ...

@JPL - ... why have I got an image of 'snow angel' in my head from that...? -_-

@april - Excellent, now's my chance... *does things...* _

BTW... my computer died a few days ago so I had to restore it to factory settings... still haven't gotten around to reinstalling most of the extra programs... :/ thowie...

*Explodes upwards through the floorboards and dusts a shoulder off*

oh, that looks cool! *tries to do the same, slams on the floor and splatters everywhere*

*sigh* You kids and your crazy antics...

And who's the one who has to clean up the mess?!?! =P


*points at Para* ... !!


You gotta put your upper back and shoulders into it, not your head and neck.


*Looks around*

I choose to understand that ankara has turned herself into a large pile of leaves...

*Rustles in the wind* >.>

I knew I was right! *starts picking the ankaras up*

@sckizo you forget my forcefield i have when i sleep


*points at Para* ... !!

O.O Pardon? But whyyy? ;~;

@JPL - ... why have I got an image of 'snow angel' in my head from that...? -_-

@SB: You see dear Watson it's all quiet elementary when you think about it quiet closely, yes yes.
-blows bubble out of his pipe-
Is 'cos you messed up in da head ya' crazy foo! O.o<

*Grabs the nearest thing and sleeps on it*

*Grabs the nearest thing and sleeps on it*

@Noodles: -chuckles- You know going to sleep has been proven to help sleeping.
-ruffles the top of your head softly-

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