If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Sac: *Falls over*

@Steeple: O.O

@ankara: *continues to watch silently, then takes out a note-book and starts writing*

@Steeple: *Tries to see what you are writing*

*pushes ankara away lightly* no peaking!

@Steeple: *pouts*


@Steeple: ...
*Goes and curls up in a corner*

@ankara: you cant guilt me into showing you...

not again... not after what happened in congo...

@Steeple: *Looks up at and mews*

@ankara: oh it was hell, child... sticks and muffins everywhere...

luckily I was crouching, tying my shoes at that moment, or I would have been resting in pies by now...

@Steeple: O.o

Hans Zimmer was wasted on MW2...


war sure is hell...

MW2 was a waste...
captcha: question mark?

@Steeple: ...
*Looks at your notes while you are distracted*

@red awww you always look out for me <3 *snuggles*

*puts paper-bag on ankara's head* I said no peaking! you wont want to spoil the surprise now would you?

*Noms pretzels*


*Sticks band-aids to Red*

Bandaids cure cancer.

In a jiffy!

Its instant!

somehow I feel like I got ripped off *holds out special 100$ anti-cancer bandages*

*curls up in the corner and watches Love Never Dies*

@Steeple: *Walks into walls*

@ankara: hmm, just as I suspected *continues to take notes*


*narrowly avoids the spray of green stuff* o_O'

*wonders where April went*

@red here and there. just...keeping to myself mostly. I'm on skype like all the time....

@April: I've been busy trying to get a job. I still need to make $750 by the end of the month to break even...

@Steeple: *Curls up on the floor*

again red? seriously?

@ankara: *gives a small blanket and pets before returning to his place to take further notes*

@Steeple: *Looks up at*

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