If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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*hugs xmbts*

Goodnight. :P

*sets up flamethrower* @_________@


Watchu talking about son?

I gotta tell you son.

@shock @sac @xam @para @red hey kids how are all of you?


Not a kid.


*pinches cheek~*

I'm not a child.

*pouts with xmbts*

*pinches cheek~*

*even more pouting*

*pouts as well*

A massive spider decided to abseil in front of my monitor right as I was reading about H.P. Lovecraft. I am not amused.

Freaking fap spider.

*pets Ankara whilst pouting*

It's fun being a kid. Dunno why you guys got your knickers in a twist. *climbs a tree*

*climbs into a bed*

Kids don't get to drive cars! :D


You clearly don't know about the kids who live here.

Driving jeeps and whatnots with more expertise than is required.

Can't resist reference...<.<


@Red: *Purrs quietly while pouting*

*pokes next poster*



I taste blood.



*bites into arm* Pfft. Blood? FLESH.


@red @xam you are too.....

*jumps on Shock...*


*starts snuggling...*


@April: They deny their inner child!

*requires de-stressing...*

*gives you rose juice* Everything all right?

Why thankee...

*meh* just tired, and idiotically busy at work... glad 'tis the weekend.

Labour Day is coming up I hear! Will ye get a day off on that? :O

In America Labor day isn't until the first Monday in September...<.<

Then what comes on the 1st of May? :O

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