If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Xmbts: *Ears pick up*
Irn bru?
*Runs over and sits in front of you looking up at you*

Yes Irn Bru! It's sounds so manly!

And it is. 'sfar as I can tell! >.>


For a while they had to include on the cans that it wasn't really made from iron girders XD

Anyway, if I'm the security guard, and Xmbts and Para are senior officers, what's Ankara's role?
@Ankara: See I told you old people are evil! They stole your Irn Bru!

@Nero: *Gigglefits* I got plenty more :P


*Stares at you both*


@Disaster: *Stares back* O.O

*initiates staring contest with Disaster*


@Ankara:*Continues staring at you but reaches out to pet you*
@Nero: You need to blink

@Disaster: Says you!


*eyes start watering*

@Topaz: You're not in this contest are you?

I'm always oh so sleepy I can't keep 'em open! :D

@Disaster: *stays still* O.O

Hello people

@Cryogiest: *Waves to and keeps staring at disaster*

...ok then

*has not stopped staring at Disaster for hours*


*smacks everyone in the face*

@Cryo: I would, but I seem to have lost the ability to blink...
Call the hospital. XD


@Cryo: I would, but I seem to have lost the ability to blink...
Call the hospital. XD


i would..but im too lazy

Help me~


@disaster nice job.... And wait...I thought I had adopted you......or did you completely miss out on that? I need to go find my jacket so I can go outside and grab another leaf off my aloe vera plant and put it all over my sunburned chest/arms

@nero you have my sympathy. In other news I'll be in San Diego not this monday but next. To go visit a friend I haven't seen in a year or so. Lives so close but I never see him cause of gas prices.

@April: San Diego pays some the highest prices in gas in the entire country. (-.-) I still remember when gas cost like $1.50 a gallon. I was so young then and unaware of many things...I miss that.
Also, yay I managed to close my eyes! ^.^

@nero I'm glad I live an hour ish away and have cheaper gas prices

Lucky, how much does gas cost where you live? Luckily it's gone down since it is an election year. About a month and a half ago we were over $4 for gas price.

@nero $3.70 something

@April: That's about our price now, which is good because I don't have a job and thus not much money.
Captcha: Hooray Henry. Who the hell is Henry and why are they praising him instead of me. *admiring self in mirror*
I'm actually not narcissistic in real life.

@nero i worry about captcha sometimes. I don't have a job either.

@April: I like it when they are funny.
I might be able to get a job at the SDSU campus in the lock shop so I've got my fingers crossed.

@nero good luck with that. I'm fighting with the state to become legal caretaker for my brother since he needs one

@April: I wish you luck with that because the State can be such a pain.
Now I'm off to record more Legends before I get too sick and lose my voice. It's not a Roxas1359 Let's Play if I don't have my smexy voice. XD

@nero aye i know it can. and i'll take your word on your voice

Holiday is over in a weeks time and when I return home I will get my results a few days later, hope I did well...

@Tizzy: Results for what?

*Feels fat and sassy*

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