If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@ManWithGlasses: Haven't seen you around here before, welcome!

@Nero but... they didn't do it, they called a place and got a haunted second floor, nearly killing matt in the process by the way >.>

@Gypsy: No worries sir! I will not disappoint you. *brings non-diet soda*
@Lynx: Eh it went after Eduardo in the end. XP

@gypsy Me or the one that fell through the roof?
@Nero well.... i wish you luck good sir

@xmbts: You enjoy seeing me in pain?

@April: *picks up and sets down standing*

There you go.

@ManWithGlasses: Excellent! I could use more people like you.

@Lynx: The fine young man that get me this soda.

@gypsy Ahh ok, just read that post up there *facepalm*

@Red: Canada man knows no pain...eh.

@Xmbts: He doesn't! *starts beating Red with beating stick*
This feels like nothing to you doesn't it!?

@red thanks darling *gives big hug*

@xam the falling part? or the landing part?

@nero good boy*pats on the head*

@Max: *covers in Maple syrup and shoots off into the moon*

Nope. I may feel pain, it just doesn't make me flinch.

@April: You weren't aiming for me, were you?

*hugs back*

@xmbts: *salutes*


Also I made some phone calls about jobs and got a few hits. Now I'm physically leaving the computer whereas earlier I was just leaving the site.



I need help.

@Red: For shame, I thought you broke your addiction. XD
I know I've never done it.
Also, get back here!
Also, good luck.
@April: Thank you. *keeps fixing roof*

*Looks at Red flying away*
He'll be hungry on the moon, won't he? Nero! Invent the Maple Syrup Sniper Rifle!

@Nero *hands him a bucket of maple syrup and the barrel of a sniper rifle* well good luck

@Red: o.o

@April: All of it. :3

Great sadness...my New Vegas crashed and I hadn't saved yet. Oh well, I only lost like 10 minutes.

@Nero What a shame, at least it wasn't anything close to an hour

@xam i took a page from your own book

@red of course I was...not *shifty eyes*

@nero you enjoy being treated like a puppy?

@Nero: Where's that sniper rifle?? Red's starving for syrup!

@Brain: It's over there, by the tree! *points*

A... glowing BRAIN?


um... okay then! Moving on!

@TizzytheTormentor Awwwwwww Kitty! (turns around) OH GOD!!

*blows up rails*
Never gets old. :P

But those are the original rails..

Damn it Nero is nothing sacred? and how's that maple syrup rifle going?

@Lynx: Maple syrup rifle!? WANT!

@Nero: You blew up the rails...why?

@Lynx apparently it's over by that tree *points* WAIT A MINUTE! Tizzy lied! Or someone stole it.. *looks around suspiciously*

@Brain: It's gone!? I blame you...

@Tizzy I thought of that gun for Red since he's on the moon. On the moon there's no syrup. Why would I steal it??

@Brain hmm, dose UPS deliver to the moon?

Dear god, this thread still exists?

Dear god, all you people still exist?

Dear god...

@Brain: Because you want it for yourself! (you fiend)

@Tharwaren: Problem?

@Brain *gasp* Tizzy may be on to something!

@Nero in any case we may need another one...

@Tharwen My god... so much candy!

@Tharwen: Yay you went back to the Portal Turret.
@Lynx: Didn't fully make it because I was too busy playing Fallout Mod Vegas

@Nero: Me too! Too bad most mods are buggy as shit...

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