If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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We would have some seriously freaky mess up kids you and I.

I always knew I'd end up with a pirate!

A logo... I am lonely...

She can ride in my ship anytime!

Gin is one powerful beverage.

Nice glasses?

You're so... depressing...

Hmmm, two miserable underage looking guys. Could be worse.

EDIT: It got worse.

I don't mean that, love ya really

I want your eyepatch, it'll make me look fancy.

*Licks face* Where did you put the booze?

How could I not be with something so affectionate?

Nothing says not affectionate like cold and metallic.

Sir, your wires are in places that most would describe as rather uncomfortable...

Cry, Growl but be scared of the sudden movements

*Screams and jumps out window.

I'll... Break you... and watch the pretty red flow from you~

...Pull the plug(s) please, I don't want to live anymore.

Sorry you're just way too fucking creepy.

Are you... Are you wearing leather?

Yes...Yes I am.

Kunta Kinte!


Oh god damnit! you actually hit me... WTF?


Alright be quiet and assume the position!

Downward Dog position now taken...

lol what the hell am i supposed to do with this

Well you can uhm... well... I dunno lol...

Are you supposed to be doing push ups now or something? lol

Oh god, my perception of reality is failing, failing... faili-- Oh wait, it's just a bad tv antenna.

No actually if you woke up with Lain in your bed... your perception of reality had all ready been lost... I'm sorry...

What the fuck is this shit? The original's been sunk, but it's not like it's gone all the way to the last page or anything.

Right we are then, *decapitates Scde2*

DO u spek a da EngiLesssssh?

Emo abuse.
Emo abuse never changes.
/Ron Perlman voice.

EDIT: [Change emo abuse with ninja]

@Scde2: Hehehe, very true. We should track him down and get him to say that.

Good golly, a catgirl I see!

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