If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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I can't help it, my internet is terrible. I don't feel like fighting with my internet for 3 hours trying to get posts through in FG.


give it a shoot. eUsa needs your help!

@Red: That sucks.
In other news it would appear we have a spam bot! *mans report cannons*
Ready, aim, fire!

@Max: *barrages bot with reports*

@Red: It's not working! Quick, call in the Mod Squad! *imagines mods wearing suits with sunglasses each carrying their unique ban weapon*

@Nerp: Ummm... more like this:

Edit: What Broken Image?

@Puce: Broken image?

@Disaster: Broken sadly.
The ultimate ones are Nasrin with her ban hammer and the Tech Team with the Ban Nukes.

Sounds silly.

@Xim: You sound silly =P *Ducks behind a couch and waits for the bullets to start flying*

@Blarg: All must fear the mighty mods with their amazing ban weapons. *looks at weapons with sparkles going around me*
Um...does anyone else see the sparkles? 0_o

@xmbts: Silly? SILLY?

*grabs and takes to Moose country*


@Disaster: *removes glove and slaps it across Disaster's face*
How dare you doubt me sir!
I challenge you to one of my highly outrageous challenges!

@disaster yes. I will teach you how to be great in bed.

@April: That's awesome because I'm horrible ;_;

@disaster ok so big secret....get a really comfy bed and in really comfy clothes and get really relaxed and then you should be absolutely amazing in bed like me and be able to sleep for days. Oh wait..you meant sexually huh? Communicate with your partner, listen to them, and actually do what they say works for them. *cuddles in tightly and falls asleep*

@April: Gotcha! *Jots down notes and cuddles tightly and lets you fall asleep*


@Xim: O_O --<( Stares at you )

*passes out from the heat*
I want my coldness back >.<

@Ankara: *Offers you a ice cold compress and a Popsicle *

@Disaster: *Huggles*





@ankara: Yay! *Is Huggled*

@Disaster: *Hides behind*

@Ankara: *hugs*
You okay? The Shoop won't get you.

@Nero: *Hugs*

@Ankara: *pats head*
Tis okay. Would music help you?

@Nero: *purrs happily*

@disaster sleep is always more important than sex too.......it's why i'm so amazing in bed cause I am awesome at sleeping

Sleep is good but elusive. o.o

@Xmbts: And scary some times ;~;

@April: Indeed, sleep never is mean to you and would never try to kick you out. XD
@Ankara: Sleep is nothing to be afraid of. *pets more*

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