If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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I played band.

@Nero: It's not so bad, more blood is good.

@Red: Mew?

@Disaster: O.O
*Is knocked out by a flying piece of wood*

@Disaster: Bleeding has subsided. ^.^

@Ankara: *pets*

@Red: Was it fun?

Um... hi?

I have just listened to James Earl Jones read The Raven. I need to wash my undies.

@Disaster: I'll have the procedure done tomorrow!

@Disaster: Sure why not. XP
To Franken Fran!

@Disaster: I shall! XD
In other news I still need a graphing calculator. T.T
Also, all my friends have Borderlands 2 except for me. Not that I have time to play it though. T.T

@Nero, thats not true! Alfredo doesn't have it because he doesn't want it. which means you can be our forth team member!

@Disaster and Nero: *Wakes up and cuddles*

@Lynx: Well if I had the time! >.<
Although I may get it and record in bulk for a month again. >.>
@Ankara: You doing good?

Who picks Wednesday to remodel the house?

@disaster *squeaks in surprise and snuggles* because the thread doesn't like you

@nero what? I REALLY liked shakespeare in high school and memorised it for fun

@April: When you end up stinking at literature like I do it is not fun. Plus we had to focus on every aspect of it for the AP test. T.T

Now off to RWS 200...yay.*waves arms enthusiastically in the air*
Man I suck at writing...

@nero I was a lot better at memorising back then......

@Nero: I'm ok thanks, how about you?

@Xmbts: I dunno, who?

@April: I've always sucked at retaining information. >.<

@Ankara: I feel meh.

@Disaster: You just slapped my happy face! D:

@Disaster: Maybe some brain damage would do me some good. T.T
I am taking a math class that covers stuff that I've not done in 2 years...and there is no teacher to help me like there should be. T.T
Said before and I'll say it again: I hate online classes.

@disaster true true. I'm so excited I get to ramble tonight. I've been listening to a youtube recording of the tell tale heart since like midnight. So for almost 10 hours.

@disaster *cuddles* well you can try and come out on a weekend to see me at haunt. Just bring a camera


Hour of Love...

Oh, evening peeps...

So apparently I'm the best at my job at my location, this bothers me.

@sckizo *cuddles*

I am apparently good at playing desperate crazy!

@disaster bah! screw them

*yawns loudly*

How has everyone been?

@red april is tired. April is sore. April is also losing her voice.




HEHEHEHEHEH, To the closet we go! I'm not finished yet! Don't give me that look SLAVE. D:<


I'll ask what's going on, and I'll most likely get no response.

Hi I'm new to this thread... What the hell is going on? Controlled chaos?

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