If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@April: Yeah, right now is not fun weather.

*Dives in with flashy moves* I have arrived ladies and gentlemen!

@Nero: Weather here is alright at the moment, It will probably piss it down with rain tomorrow though...

Like it fucking always does in Ireland...

@Tizzy: Could you send some of that rain April and my way? It rarely rains here and we're often under fire warnings.

Woop stuff is happening!

@Nero: I wish I could, we could use some sun over here, If it isn't sun, it's overcast...

@pyramid: Hey! Haven't seen you in a while!

@Tizzy: I know! Everything looks new and shiny! :o

@Pyramid: Where have you been? Have you been fighting those aliens?

@Tizzy: Job hunting mixed with TF2 >.< As for the aliens they had it coming! D:<

@Pyra: O.O

@Shock: <.<


@Nero: I'd be happier if someone could just cover about 20 hours of work this week.

@Para: >.>


@ankara: Ohi there! :D

@xmbts: Lo you *pokes*

@Pyramid: Job hunt you say? What job has thou been hunting?

@tizzy: At this point Ireland has next to no jobs so I'm taking anything I can get! :'(

@Pyramid: Being Irish myself, I have to find job for my PLC (Post Leaving Cert) course, I need to do a full days work for no pay every Friday for each week...starting mid September...I have to find work in either a hotel, bar or restaurant.

Hiya Pyra~

@Tizzy: I know all about working for nothing :< Wish you luck on that~ ^-^

@xmbts: How goes it stranger :D

@Blarg: Well depends on where you work. I start myself next week, got fingerprinted and everything.

@Pyra: Why hello there.

@Ankara: Hello to you too.

@nero: Well good day sir~ :D

@Nero: Nowhere important. >.>

@Pyra: Slowly. How are you?

@Blarg: Where do you work? Heck I can't work more than 20 hours a week.

@xmbts: Drunk and sleepy! D:

@Pyra: *Runs over and cuddles* =^_^=

@Nero: Hello

@Ankara: How have you been?

@Nero: Ok thank you, how about you?

@Ankara: Eh can only complain about translating dialogue in Final Mix, but other than that I'm fine. Rewatching Batman Beyond too.

@April: Damn... I've been caught. How did you ever find out?

@Disaster: You covered your tracks so well!

@Nerp: I know... I'm a ninja and all... oh... wait... it's all over my Avatar isn't it?

@Disaster: *looking away*
No~ XD
Now time for bed. Only edited one episode sadly but tomorrow I'll finish them.

@disaster because I'm that good.... *shifty eyes and then cuddles and falls asleep on*

@tizzy yes please send rain this way. Just not the monsoon(for california weather) that we had the other day.

@nero it's 14c(57f) right now! I'm actually cold! Holy shit! I'm loving this right now

@April: It's actually hot today, this is a surprise, the weather is actually nice :O

@April: That's a rather low temperature. <.< I want that weather! >.<

Damn sleepiness >.<

I actually got good sleep last night :D

Never anything to do on Sundays :<

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