If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@disaster still got 12 mins til dec 25 here. we're an hour behind you. And playing worlds in time and reading insurgent. I'm not going to bed til late. Which is bad since I have family gathering tomorrow....And yes. Happy to see you....

@disaster i despise family gatherings. And thanks. Same to you. So far it's been just me getting pissed at DW:WIT. Stupid game. Well that and my internet browser/net connection. Keeps fucking disconnecting me.

@disaster if i had a job and the money for the gas I'd do that. I kind of get asked but not really. Cause I don't have much of a choice. Go and mostly be miserable. Or don't and get a guilt trip for a month. Easier just to go.

@disaster sounds like the half of my family that we disowned/disowned us(still not sure which it was all i know is we weren't rich enough for them and big falling out around the time i turned 18/19)

I want to sleep for a week.

@disaster i am so jealous. I expect photos

*breaks through chimney*
Merry Christmas everyone!


*starts jumping on random trampoline*

@Disaster: You know it is fun and you know you want to try! XD

@disaster yay! Photos are great

@Disaster: But...but the outside has germs, violence, and...Rossie O'Donell. *shivers* XD
In other news I ordered myself a copy of Twilight Princess for the Gamecube. I also lost all my edited footage on the editing track for some unknown reason. Somehow the project was deleted but still let's me open it. But when I did it would just be a blank editing track.

@disaster you better not change your name. I like it as it is right now ;]

@Pop: You can only change your name one time on the site. Sucks but oh well.

@nero that wasn't the only name I was referring to

@disaster both. I like em both. And as it is I have enough problems remembering names......*yawns and cuddles up to falling asleep on*

@Disaster: I see.

@Steppin: Those damn time traveling thieves. The Doctor should know better than to steal from you. XD

*pokes head in*
Hi, just randomly wandering the forums >.>

Marry one-day late Christmas btw :D

Hello Lynx.
Now I'm off to Gamestop!

Oh f*ck, did I get so drunk as to use necromancy again?
Dear me, I'll never drink again.

@Nero: Guess you get to use your Christmas gift now XD

@Ankara: Managed to use them. XD
I got myself a 60 GB HDD for my Xbox, no more 20 GB for me, a transfer cable, and I bought two Wii games and a Nunchuck. The games I bought were the Wii version of Klonoa and A Boy and His Blob. Let me tell you that a game that has a hug button gets 3 gold stars from me. XD

@Nero: Hehe

@Ankara: Best part is that I got it used so I might have some free stuff on there that someone forgot to delete. ^.^

captcha: beautiful friendship. Why yes captcha I do have quite lovely friendships with multiple people on this site. XD

@Nero: Hehehe, You might.

@Ankara: Hopefully. *hugs*

@Ankara: *waves*

@Red: *Waves back*

*grabs Red and ties him up*
@Red: You'll not be leaving this time!

@Ankara: Sadly nothing was on the old 60 GB HDD, but oh well. Now I was able to install all the games I would play on the Xbox. Now I still have 23 GB left too. ^.^

@Nero: Aww.... Hehe

@Ankara: Now if only my other friends had Worms. That'd be fun to record. XD

I'm back.

*glomps Blarg*
Where'd you go?

@Nero: That would be funny XD

@Ankara: Indeed. Especially since the kamikaze worm and I aren't the best of friends. XD

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