If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Nero: D:

*hugs Ankara*
On the bright side I've got no tumors so yay. ^.^
Plus I've completed the Journal in Final Mix so now I've done the game 100%!

Yay for no tumors~

*slaps Disaster*
No! XD

@Blarg: Yay for no tumors indeed~

@Disaster: Well that cheered me up.
Guess who has to take out another loan to give to his parents so that they can catch up on the house and also has to pay rent...
I'm not gonna have enough for my books though so basically I'm already gonna be $8000 in debt and I've only been 18 for about 10 months. T~T

@Disaster: My dad works for the state of California and hasn't gotten a raise in 6 years. In fact the raise he got 6 years ago is being cut. I barely make enough as it is to get by and now I have to start paying rent. And since I don't qualify for a Cal Grant A I don't know how I'll be able to afford college without having to take out a loan each semester. T.T
But if I leave school then I lose my job and my parents will kick me out. TT_TT

@Disaster: Yeah well hopefully I'll be able to come into some money. I literally fill out like a million scholarships, yet I've yet to receive one.
Oh well, if I stress about it now then I'll bee a wreck for the next couple of days.

@disaster esh. That sucks on the library system issue. I just got the second book in the series today. I swear I don't have a book addiction where I have to have like 10 or more books checked out at once.....*shifty eyes* My room looks empty now. I took down almost all my posters cause I'm going to re-do them in a chance that they won't fall down this summer(hopefully). And tomorrow I get to take Donut to get her smog check. I hate the DMV this year. Now I have a list of 5 authorised places I can go to do it. Fucking DMV. And 4 of them are dealerships. -_- And Donut is going to need her brakes done soon. So I need to call my mechanic about that. Ugh. Too much money spent and not enough coming in....At least it is on necessary things and not random crap(though I'm contemplating dropping $20 for the cards against humanity decks because oh my gosh that game is amazing).

What is a butt hug?

@Disaster: Why did you butt hug me!? 0.o

@disaster Donut is a 93 Geo Storm. And Cards Against Humanity is brilliant. I played the other night. And you see why I want it? And I have a mechanic who will change out my rotors and pads for the cost he pays for them. Which is cheaper than I can get them for. I hate doing my own brakes. I'll do everything else if I can avoid doing my brakes. Also she passed her smog test today so later today I'm going down to register her with the dmv. Then whatever I have left I'm going to put in my bank account and buy Cards Against Humanity.

@Nero Because its the best kind of hug!

... whats a butt hug?

@Lynx: Still trying to figure that out myself. Now off to edit more Final Mix. So close to being done. >.<

@disaster you have such an eloquent way of putting things.....

@Disaster: D:
No! >.<
Guess who gets to go into work at 5 in the morning tomorrow. Yep, gotta get up at 4:30 tomorrow to go to work. At least I get to leave an hour early though.

@nero at least you have work though

@Pop: True. If I didn't have work then my parents would kick me out.
How's the job search going?

@Disaster: At least your paycheck will be large. Also, no more butt hugs! I don't like that. >.<

@Disaster: No man boob hugs either. Boob hugs are fine though. XD

@nero *boob hugs*

@disaster for the pads and rotors I believe it is just under $100. Also Donut passed her smog with flying colours and is now registered until 2014

@Pop: Yay. XD

@disaster don't take it personally, @nero just likes the fairer sex.... And I am too. If I could register her for two years I would. I so need that game after I take car of car issues.


I'm tired.

*Slaps Red*

None of that.

@Disaster: I knew that was the case. XD

@Blarg: Why'd you slap Red?
You need to punch him to get him to stop.

*punches Red*

@disaster lucky you guys....My license expires 2015? I think. I know it expires on my birthday though. And are you sure you didn't mean the phrase butt..*slaps self* no. bad blow pop. You are NOT allowed to go there. Just cause you were hanging out with Ginger and other Haunt family whose minds all reside in the gutter with yours doesn't mean you get to go there....

@Pop: Mine expires in 2015 as well.

Mine expired 2 months ago. >.>

@Blarg: Aren't you gonna renew it?

Yeah probably a good idea, just been a mix of busy and lazy so it hasn't been done yet.

@Blarg: Costs like $31 in California and you can do it by mail.

Well I just activated another loan so that I may help out my parents. Hopefully I can get it soon.

Ugh that just reminded me I owe the hospital $400 bucks. :o

@Blarg: D:
That's terrible.

Could be worse, my back could have been broken, and then I'd owe them more for treatments and whatnot. :P

@Blarg: True. Luckily my insurance covered the sigmoid otherwise I'd be sol for sure.

*does happy dance*
On the last file needed for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, then my 4 month old project will be completed! \(^_^)/ *throws streamers*

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