If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Topaz: *blargs back*

@Tizzy: *Counter blargs*

@nero Bad nero. No.

@Pop: What, you don't like the Animaniacs?

@Nero: Animaniacs is a wonderful cartoon!

@Tizzy: Twas my childhood. Steven Spielberg's true calling was cartoons, not movies.

@nero animaniacs is awesome. I love them. Unfortunately references at 3 am go over my head.....

@Pop: Ah okay. I literally spent the rest of the night watching old episodes of the Animaniacs.
For example the Garage Sale episode where you can see the Tiny Toons as well as Batman. Seems they got ripped off by the seller. XD

@Topaz: I think it was one of those cartoons that is easily memorable.

@Nero: Ah, Tiny Toons, gotta watch all those shows again when I have time!

@Tizzy: Yep, gotta love those old cartoons.
Also, (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻
Screw YouTube and their damn copyright machine! I knew that there would be a problem when I uploaded the Final Mix Finale.
Hopefully I win this dispute.

@Nero: I watched a ton of Ed Edd n Eddy a few weeks back! Love that show so damn much!

@Tizzy: Another great show that once was one the air.

@Nero: *Knocks over*

*falls over and breaks hip*
Shock, why!? D:

Awful lot of blarging on this page. >.>

@Nero: Because today is a good day!

@Blarg: I know right.

@Shock: So for a good day you beat me up. D:
What constitutes a bad day?
*still on floor with broken hip*

@Nero: A missed field goal.

How long ago was this thread derailed?

@Jan: All of it.

@Topaz: I blame you.

@nero: That's her way of saying hello.

@Blarg: I see. But, can someone help me up? :D

@Shock: Well that's not good then. XD

@Jan: Pretty much what Blarg said.

@Nero: Not good at all!

@Xmbts: *Knocks over*

@Shock: Well...how about that Houston and Patriots game? XD

@Nero: As much as I like Tom Brady I wanted Houston to win.

@Shock: Well unfortunately they didn't really play that well.

@Nero: I don't mind. Only game I care about now is San Fran at Atlanta.

@Shock: That one's gonna be good.

@Nero: And may drive me to drink heavily depending on the circumstances.

@Shock: Well we don't want that. XD

@Nero: Well Atlanta better win!

@Shock: My mom's gonna want SF to win...I'm still neutral in the matter since GB dropped the ball.

It appears Shock has found someone to talk about football with. >.>

*takes two steps in and passes out*

@Nero: You should totally like cheer for the Falcons.

@Xmbts: Instead of just yelling about it to you?

@Shock: ...I don't know. I'll go the route of Switzerland and remain neutral. XD
Mainly I'm just bitter about Green Bay.

@Pop: D:
I forgot you went to Disneyland. I've not been there in what is now 6 years. T~T

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