If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Pop: What... DisasterChild or Mark? =)
@N3rp: I was thinking of legally changing my name to Flappy Face.

@nero that wasn't the only name I was referring to

@disaster both. I like em both. And as it is I have enough problems remembering names......*yawns and cuddles up to falling asleep on*

@Disaster: I see.

@Steppin: Those damn time traveling thieves. The Doctor should know better than to steal from you. XD

*pokes head in*
Hi, just randomly wandering the forums >.>

Marry one-day late Christmas btw :D

Hello Lynx.
Now I'm off to Gamestop!

Oh f*ck, did I get so drunk as to use necromancy again?
Dear me, I'll never drink again.

@Nero: Guess you get to use your Christmas gift now XD

@Ankara: Managed to use them. XD
I got myself a 60 GB HDD for my Xbox, no more 20 GB for me, a transfer cable, and I bought two Wii games and a Nunchuck. The games I bought were the Wii version of Klonoa and A Boy and His Blob. Let me tell you that a game that has a hug button gets 3 gold stars from me. XD

@Nero: Hehe

@Ankara: Best part is that I got it used so I might have some free stuff on there that someone forgot to delete. ^.^

captcha: beautiful friendship. Why yes captcha I do have quite lovely friendships with multiple people on this site. XD

@Nero: Hehehe, You might.

@Ankara: Hopefully. *hugs*

@Ankara: *waves*

@Red: *Waves back*

*grabs Red and ties him up*
@Red: You'll not be leaving this time!

@Ankara: Sadly nothing was on the old 60 GB HDD, but oh well. Now I was able to install all the games I would play on the Xbox. Now I still have 23 GB left too. ^.^

@Nero: Aww.... Hehe

@Ankara: Now if only my other friends had Worms. That'd be fun to record. XD

I'm back.

*glomps Blarg*
Where'd you go?

@Nero: That would be funny XD

@Ankara: Indeed. Especially since the kamikaze worm and I aren't the best of friends. XD

@Nero: O.O
Uh oh XD

@Anakara: Do you have Worms?
Fun game it is.

@Nero: I have some of the old ones.

@Ankara: You mean the old ones on the PC/PS1?
I have the 360 version right now.

@Nero: Yeah. They were awesome games XD

@Ankara: Indeed. I haven't grabbed myself Worms Revolution yet though. Mainly Worms is a game that is better played when you have friends with you. Sorta like Brawl.

@Nero: Hehe, yeah

@Ankara: Sadly though I don't have Live so I'd be unable to play online and I don't think any of my friends have the game so I can't play it with them.

Some good news though is that I'm not rendering episode 20 of 28 for Spyro 2. Let me tell you that this project has been a pain because it takes so long to render it.

@Nero: Ah well *Cuddles*
*Runs off to watch new episodes* XD

@Ankara: I don't know what I should play right now. I can't play my new Wii games sadly because they'll mess up my hack.

@Nero: Worms? >.>

@Ankara: But...but I need to play it with some friends so I may make them mad when I beat them or make them laugh when I lose to them. XD
I'd watch Zero Punctuation but I already have seen them all now. I was watching them over the week. Hm, maybe New Vegas will call to me and whisk me away with it's addicting voice/animation/mods. XD

@Nero: *Giggles*

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