If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Ankara: I'd want to play MediEvil but I don't want to spoil it for me as it is supposed to be a blind run. That and I'm not recording anything until I'm done with all the Spyro stuff. So looks like it's off to Steam for me. Finally gonna play some New Vegas.

...If I don't return I want you to have this. *gives magic key* XD

@Nero: O.O

*breaks away from New Vegas' grasps*
@Ankara: When New Vegas sucks me in it likes to chain me to the controller so then I don't get away. I think that's what happened to Red...I feel somewhat responsible for that. XD

@Nero: D:
Noooooo...... XD

@Ankara: Broke the addiction for now. XD
Probably gonna go back to it in like 30 minutes.

I now have a DSI and Pokemon Black 2 and a Pokemon addiction now thanks to one of my ex boyfriends/best friends from high school that I still talk to all the time........I don't know how to feel about this

@Pop: You needs a 3DS with Pokemon. XD
In all seriousness Pokemon Black/White 2 are the only Pokemon games that I've not played. Well not counting the spin-offs. I kinda want to get them, but I'd rather get old Gamecube games that I was stupid to sell. Good thing I was smart enough to keep Wind Waker. A Zelda game sounds like fun for me right now, too bad my Twilight Princess doesn't come in the post until Saturday.

@nero if 3D technology didn't fuck up my eyes so much I *might* be inclined to agree with you. as it stands though no.

@Pop: True. Hell I don't even use the "3D" thing that they have because it messes with my eyes. I hope that companies don't start focusing entirely on 3D stuff as they just give people headaches. But then again here is something that is said at every meeting for every company ever:

Don't care what anyone says, that was the best Tom and Jerry movie ever!

@nero I don't see the point of getting something with 3D capabilities if I'm not going to use the 3D.....And companies are already MOSTLY focusing on 3D stuff because it's what sells the best at least movie wise

@Pop: It's just a stupid gimmick really. In the end though most companies don't use the gimmicks that the console/handheld has. But hopefully the whole "3D" fad will pass over.


I just had a naaap.

@Red: >.>
*Sleeps on top off*

@Red: A nap you say...
*ties up*
No getting away this time!

@Ankara: Hello. *puts blanket on*

Where did I go just now? <.>

@nero i hope so too

@Pop: So anything else going on for you?

@Blarg: Stop pulling Houdinis! That's my thing!

@Xmbts: O.O
Where did you go?

@Nero: *Sits up and can't see through covers*

@nero I officially have plans for new years. For the first time since high school when I got bitten by my neighbours dog.....I'm drinking and playing video games with my best friend and then taking her to work the next day.

@Nero: You aren't the boss of me. :p

@xmbts: *Giggles*

I just realized I should probably switch off my creepy xmas avvy.

EDIT: Muuuch less spooky.

@Ankara: *picks up covers*
Peekaboo! XD

@Pop: Those are plans. I've got no plans sadly.

@Blarg: Definitely less spooky. XD

Also, my old avatars seem to have disappeared from my computer...this will be my avatar for a bit.

*walks in*
@Nero I'm bored... entertain me!


@nero of course they're plans.

@Xmbts: Mew?

@Blarg: Yes. XP

@Lynx: *shoots*
There, now you'll be entertained with the blood. XD

@Nero Thanks!

hmmm maybe xmbts will fight Nero! That'll be entertaining! :3

@Lynx: Sadly you will not get a fight for your entertainment.
We must be paid before we fight. XD

Plus it would be unfair. Clearly I'd win. ;P

@Ankara: Kingdom hearts thing. >.>

Just yell Roxas a lot.

@Blarg: *grasps head*
It's like the Struggle Tournament all over again. XD

That is so gonna disorient me when I LP, but it'll be fun none the less.

As for the battle, I challenge you to a Struggle!

So is my browser messed up or has nobody posted in like 2 days?

@Blarg: No one has posted in 2 days.

@N3rp: Really no one has posted in two days?

@Pop: *Waves from the Cubicle Wasteland that is my life* People hi!

@Xim: I think it's you... all you... it always has been and always will be your fault. =(

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