If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Some: I can see it. That's why I freaked out about the cannon.

OT: Why hello again Shock~

Why do people call me "Some"? Why not the easier "Stuff"? Or even "Lame"?! >.<

OT: You have a lot of sharp edges poking me there. Stick to your side or get off!

I'll call you lame :P

@Lame: Very well, you shall be now known as Lame.

OT: Might as well give me a key Shock~

Get out of my bed >.>

But it's comfy, we should all be in here, there's enough space.

Hello Link.
Please don't use the Sun Song.

Well, don't stab me in your sleep!

I assure you that I won;t *hides knife behind back*

@Nero: I'll use it on the morning that way the nigh will last forever!

OT: Oh hi there Happy, Shock's bed is much bigger than I thought!

@Kaleion: But then I'll freeze!

OT: Welcome back Link. Don't worry, Navi won't find you here.

@Nero: Yohoho! Tell me a skull joke!

...I wear cat-ear accessories that doesn't mean I'm into cats!

...I'm going to jail aren't I. D:

*Pushes Nero out of bed*

*grabs Shock and pulls her out of bed*

@Nero: Hmm what a dilemma, but you'll unfreeze after a few minutes so it's all right.

Well since we are together now, I'm using your afro as pillow!

Brother, why are you looking like a girl today? Wait a minute...


Uh...right then :/
*Sneaks away*

Ummm... hi? >.<

*Jumps on...*


You're not gonna get away...

Stay back! I have pew pew!

@thesilentman: You say that like Edward looks particularly manly, first time I saw FMA I thought he was a girl.

OT: Don't pew pew me, I forgot my shield on Nero's hair!

Lain is god... your pew pew can;t defend you from being jumped one... O.o

Well, crap...

No more pew pew! >.<

There's still a little left for your FACE!

As long as you don't destroy the place >.>

I can't make any promises =3

I'll just tackle hug her to see if that stops her.

The reason that I want to exterminate all Links is because he looks nothing like Ed. >:-|
And I'm not even Al!...

Doubt it would :/

I know tackle hugs can stop you... though maybe not from setting me on fire...<.<

*Sets Sacman on fire* Yup.

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