If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Disaster: Yeppers.
Now to be alone for the rest of New Years Eve like every year. This time though I can record so I can at least act like there are people that I'm talking too. XD

@M3rp: You got me here buddy. I'll be on until 7:00 AM next year.... 6:00 AM your time.

@Disaster: Yay. The annoying thing is that my parents force me to go to bed once it hits midnight. >.<

@M3rp: That is annoying... you know what else is annoying? Having to jury rig a way to get vocaroo to work around my work's firewall. I had to record my voice with Sound Recorder then I had to upload it to to Vocaroo... that's just fucking annoying.

*Comes bounding in and skids across the floor*
Happy new year everyone =^_^=

"Eh, could be worse."

@ALL: HAppy New Year EVERYONE!!!

@knife: Worse than what?

*still in the past*
Help, California is trapped in 2012! DX XD

@M3rp: Only for another 29 minutes.

@Ank: Happy New Year kitty!

@Disaster: Then I've got to go to bed...I just realized I never edited tomorrow's Final Mix episode...crap.

@M3rp: =O - Looks like a late night for you then >=P

@Nero: I suppose so.

@Dis: Hey don't start agreeing with the voices in my head, now they'll never shut up.

@Disaster: *pounces on* =^_^=

@Nero: D: *Cuddles*

@Xim: ... I must humbly change my opinion then. Far be it from me to agree with the masses.

@Ank: *Is pounced on* Helloooo!!!!! How's your New Year so far?

@Disaster: More like an early morning. XP

@Ankara: *hugs*

@Blarg: There now this place is living again.

@Disaster: It was great =^_^=
How about yours?

@Xmbts: Mew~

@Ank: So far I've been stuck at work for all of 2013. =O (The year is only 57 minutes old in my neck of the woods)
@M3rp: Well that's good... oh.... 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

@Disaster: D: *Steals you from work*

@Ank: It's okay. I don't mind staying at work. I get to talk to a lot of people in Winnersh with their posh British accents.

@Disaster: *Cuddles* ok

@Ank: *Cuddles* =D

@Disaster: *pounces on*

@Ank: O_O *Is pounced on!!!* Hello again! =D

@Disaster: Hello =^_^=

@Ank: 15 minutes until I do my daily reenactment of "School's Out" by Alice Cooper. *Vroom vroom*

@Ankara: *Glomp*

@Nero: I see that.

@Dis: The hipster in you just shed a tear of joy.

@Xmbts: *Counter glomps*

@Disaster: *Giggles*

@Xim: ... But I was around before the term... Can we just call it fashionable rebel instead?

*wakes up*
Now I'm in the year 2013. XD

@M3rp: No... Sorry, you over slept... It's actually 2113


@Disaster: Well...where are my birthday presents then!? >.< XD

@disaster *hugs back* I had no internet access yesterday except on my phone and everything takes so long to load on it that i don't really use it for internet stuff. How was your night last night?

Also Happy new years all.

@Pop: Happy new year.

@Pop: Last Night was spent in the South Western Cube Farm called work. It was pretty good. Quiet... listened to music really loud. Have a good night?

@M3rp: They've decayed into dust due to your time asleep. =(

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