If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@nero you'll figure it out

@Pop: I most likely will.

I GOT A NEW CORSET GUYS! It makes me feel pretty

@Pop: Yay for feeling pretty!
*looks at self in mirror*
*mirror cracks* DX XD

@nero well the having boobs with said corset helps

@pop: I'm sure you don't need a corset to look pretty. But if it makes you feel pretty...
@m3rp: I'm hoping that you don't have enough boobs to fill a corset.

@disaster I'unno....he might just look good in a corset......and I disagree

@Pop: It looks really good on you =^_^=

@Pop: Not bad.

@Disaster: Man titties don't count? XD

Ah, hm, well, um, yes... right.
I'm just.
going to..

@Torno: Is that Dark Samus?

No, it's Light-Suit Samus.

Been awhile since I played Echoes, my bad.

Worse things have happened, it's fine.

@Torno: Wish I had Echoes, I only have Prime.

@nero even though @disaster doesn't think so, I think you'd look great in a corset.

@ankara thanks

@Pop: You know I'd be sexy! XD

@nero exactly. Now I really want to see you in a corset....please?

@Pop: Unfortunately I do not own one. XD

@nero well find someone to let you borrow one

@Pop: You really wanna see me in a corset don't you? XD

@M3rp: I wanna see you in a corset! =P

Umm... that's kinda freaky. What are you doing? O_O

@Yureina: Are you trying to rerail this thread? *GASPS*

@Yureina: Hello~

@Disaster: I most likely would actually do it too. XD

I'm bored.

I'm Redlin. Nice to meet you Bored.


And we're talking about crossdressing Nero? Neat. :P

@Xim: Yes. We think that he should have sufficient assets to fit into a corset.

Why is nero cross dressing and is he pretty?

@nero yes i do

@lynx yes of course he is pretty that's why i suggested it. And why not?

Everyone should crossdress now and again.

@pop: Did I mention that you look mah-volous in that Corset?

@Nero: You should >.>

@Xmbts: *pounces on*

@Ank: If I pounce on you while you're pouncing on Xim... does that mean that I'm pouncing on Xim too?




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