If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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It creeps everyone out...<.<

*shoves Sac off bed*
I wonder why...>.>

Can't help but notice we're a little off topic again =P

Only pettankos get to play with my ears! >.<

Why hello~ :3

*Fondles and plays with hair.*

@Lame: Not all bad, we're still staying on topic. Being fully on topic isn't a necessity.

OT: Go away pride! I've had problems with my shadows in the past, and I'd prefer to not have more.

@nero *kicks* you're mean

Your FACE is mean!

Don't talk about Pop that way Cannon Lady!
For that you get out of my bed.
Still don't know where it's from. >.>

Stop skypeing me if you're right next to me!

I thought I didn't have any stuffed animals, oh well *Hugs Lynx and goes back to sleep*

*remains motionless*
If I don't move I get to stay in this nice warm bed... :3

@Nero awww my hero

@lynx *rolls over onto*

*Fondles and plays with hair.*


^ Um....

*pokes ear*

Are those real? =P

Should I just give you a key since you keep getting in my bed?
Or did you just destroy my door?

There was never a door.

Probably didn't do anything but still, awesome!

Well now I know where all my flesh went. >.>

Get out :/

*pokes* leave me 'lone. *rolls back over to sleep*

This place needs more explosions.

I can fix that! *BOOM*

*pokes ear*

Are those real? =P

*ear flick*
Of course they're not real!

But you can still play with them. :3

Like what I'm doing right now. :-3

Like what I'm doing right now. :-3

Not you! The pettanko! NOT YOU!

I'm not leaving...

You are now!

*releases spiders*

Guys need some exercise.



*floats above spiders*
No I don't need exercise! I do cat stuff! Cats don't need to be exercised!

*burns Lynx*
That's for setting my bed on fire!

*puts spiders back in bug bag*

Hey, the spiders didn't ask for that.

Oh good, my precious bloodstain...

Need a light?


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