If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Disaster: Umm.... maybe

@Lynx: No idea why, I'm just going with it. Of course if I were to do it I'd simply just request $50 so I may import some more. XD
Also, edited the Halo episodes. Albert talks very low compared to everyone else.

@Ankara: *pets*

@nero but you should do it as a birthday present to me because my birthday is in 6 days.

@disaster no you haven't mentioned that. You've been kind of M.I.A. again.

@Nero: *purrs happily*

@Ankara: How have you been?

@pop: Sorry about that. My weekends have been extremely busy as of late and I hardly get onto escapist during the weekends anymore. I will try to be on more, just for you ;)

I am dissatisfied.

@Xim: Sorry to hear that. Anything that can appease your demands for satisfaction?

@Blarg: Why art thou not pleased?

@M3rp: Why are thou not pleased? =(

@disaster well this saturday you don't have to worry about it as I won't be home all day. Leaving early in the morning and a full day at Disney til midnight then coming home and passing out. But since Sunday is my birthday I expect you to at least be on once ;]. But this pleases me.....

@pop: I am glad that you are please. =) For that pleases me. Are we all just pleased as punch now =P I hope you have a great time at the Disneyland and a fantastic birthday.

<--- Loves punch

*punches Lynx*
What, you said you love punch right?
Anyway, I got 3 of the 4 Halo videos rendered, but when trying to open the file to render the fourth Pinnacle threw a hissy fit for being overworked and deleted all the content of the project. *sigh*
When do you wanna pick them up?

@Disaster: Well I do have a Sigmoidoscopy tomorrow...I don't wanna get one. >.<

@m3rp: Hopefully you'll be given Mr. Valium before they Boogie in Your Butt

@Disaster: I hope so too. T.T
It's still embarrassing though... >.>

@nero Ow <.<...
well anytime you ready to give them up.

@disaster I always have fun at disney. The only thing that's going to make it go bad is if someone causes conflict. And I know who would if it happens and why. And she better not. My actual birthday will be recovering and reading

@Nero: I'm ok thank you, how are you?

@Pop: I haven't been in so long. I would go if it was closer... I'd even settle for Knott's at this point. Oooo... a Drama Queen? aaaannnnd. Still reading the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings?

@disaster actually haven't even started re-reading those. I know exactly where in my bookshelf they are. But I have 11 books out from the library I need to read. I just finished Beautiful Creatures which is coming out in film next month. And let me tell you, the book is amazing. If they don't half ass the film it's going to be brilliant. The Hobbit will naturally outshine it most likely but it will still be brilliant

@Pop: It looks interesting... the trailer to the movie that is. Though if I were watch the movie I would want to read the book first.

@Lynx: Eh, possibly sometime this week as I'm close to finishing Final Mix.

@Ankara: Besides the Sigmoid I have in about an hour and I don't want to have to do it. T.T

@disaster the book is amazing. 500+ pages and the first in a series of 4 books but amazing nonetheless. You should read it

Back from the Sigmoid.

I needs a hug... T.T

@Nero: D:

*hugs Ankara*
On the bright side I've got no tumors so yay. ^.^
Plus I've completed the Journal in Final Mix so now I've done the game 100%!


@pop: I'll check it out... have to find time to go to my local library though... closest one is in a different county and requires that I pay a yearly membership fee... the next closest one is 30 minutes away

Yay for no tumors~

*slaps Disaster*
No! XD

@Blarg: Yay for no tumors indeed~

@m3rp: Because it has to be done (I'm contractually obligated):

@Disaster: Well that cheered me up.
Guess who has to take out another loan to give to his parents so that they can catch up on the house and also has to pay rent...
I'm not gonna have enough for my books though so basically I'm already gonna be $8000 in debt and I've only been 18 for about 10 months. T~T

@m3rp: Dude man. I'm sorry to hear it. I'm curious though... I know from personal experience that San Diego is expensive but my question is:

The reason why I'm asking is because there are places that are much cheaper to live, though not as nice as San Diego.

@Disaster: My dad works for the state of California and hasn't gotten a raise in 6 years. In fact the raise he got 6 years ago is being cut. I barely make enough as it is to get by and now I have to start paying rent. And since I don't qualify for a Cal Grant A I don't know how I'll be able to afford college without having to take out a loan each semester. T.T
But if I leave school then I lose my job and my parents will kick me out. TT_TT

@M3rp: Yikes... yeah... California is the suckage man. I'm sorry to hear that you're having financial issues. Blech.

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