If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Could be worse, my back could have been broken, and then I'd owe them more for treatments and whatnot. :P

@Blarg: True. Luckily my insurance covered the sigmoid otherwise I'd be sol for sure.

*does happy dance*
On the last file needed for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, then my 4 month old project will be completed! \(^_^)/ *throws streamers*

I could use a hug more than I could use a slap or a punch...

@Red: Ah. *hugs*

@Red: Well excuse me, princess.

@red *hugs*

@Blarg: No! You've reminded me of what shouldn't exist! >.<

@Red: *Butt hugs!!*
@M3rp: You were reminded of me?
@Pop: Hiya! *Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugs!!!!*

@Disaster: D:
That's depressing to say. XD
No I meant Zelda CD-I.

@disaster *hugs*

@nero good for a min there i thought you were going to say me as a princess. Because damn it I am a pretty pretty princess.

@Pop: Indeed you are.

@nero damn straight I am. And don't you forget it.

@Pop: I already forgot. XD

@Nero: That isn't from Zelda CD-I. >.>

Well yeah, Excuse me, Princess... I think we all know it's from that TV show... it was a masterpiece compared to the CD-I Games...<.<

There was a tv show?

@Blarg: Still reminds me of it because it had the worst animation ever.

@Shock: Yep, don't search for it as it will burn your eyes.

So this thread has properly been derailed I take it?

This thread has been derailed for over 1000 pages.

@Nero: Good to know :P

@Shock: Trust me, it is just so bad.

@Nero: So bad that it's good in a way?

Why was my butt hugged? o.o

@Red don't worry about it, just forget what happened and it will be alot less painful than understanding..

@Nero woo school! in like 3 days, time to not be lazy! wait a minute...nooooooooooo!

@Shock: I wouldn't really say that. I felt embarrassed when I watched an episode before.

@Lynx: School doesn't start until Thursday for me actually.


@Lynx: Have fun with that. :o

@Blarg: No! >.<

@Nero thats good, more free time for youz

@Xmbts I Will! by the way I hope your proud of that video you put up... >.> cuz I am lol

@Lynx: Well I've got work. Also, I don't wanna start school. T~T

@Lynx: I've got lots~

@Nero: Yes.

@Blarg: Have many of those terrible cartoons clips do you have if I may ask?

In the words of Simon Pegg,

@Nero: Pfft.

@Xmbts: Right...

@Blarg: I remember that show...in hindsight I wish I didn't. XD

@Shock: *sticks tongue out at* XD

@Xmbts I remember watching that show on the internet at school, sometime in elementary school :D

@Nero but its amazing especially that song

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