If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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*takes two steps in and passes out*

@Nero: You should totally like cheer for the Falcons.

@Xmbts: Instead of just yelling about it to you?

@Shock: ...I don't know. I'll go the route of Switzerland and remain neutral. XD
Mainly I'm just bitter about Green Bay.

@Pop: D:
I forgot you went to Disneyland. I've not been there in what is now 6 years. T~T

@Nero: Well if you're bitter about Green Bay then clearly you should want the 49ers to lose because fuck those guys.

@pop: Awwww... Poor gal. *Cuddles and let's you fall asleep on me.* Don't kind the face mask... I'm not feeling well.

@shock, @M3rp, @xim: Football or Soccer?

BTW... @M3rp: do they still play that shitty song by P.O.D. for the Chargers?

@Shock: I'm bitter more at the fact that they didn't play that well when compared to how they normally are. Besides the 49ers have a good defense and offense nowadays.

@Disaster: American Football. As for the song I don't think they do. Are you kidding me most of the city jumped for joy when they fired both the head coach and general manager for the Chargers. Maybe now I can have some pride for my home team again. Now all they need to do is hire some good people and then work on the Padres. -_-

@Nero: Pffft. Well fine I'll just hope they lose myself!

@Shock: Nah I still expect you to do that. >.>

@disaster awwww sorry to hear that. *cuddles*

@nero i have a lot of friends who work there so i go at least once a year for my birthday

@Shock: There there, it's only a sport right? XD
*pats in head*

@Pop: Lucky. I'm honestly saving my money to go to Magfest next year.

@Xmbts: I so will.

@Nero: They need to get Tony G his ring!

@Shock: Indeed they do.

@nero they are either people I used to work with whilst employed at Disney or they are people I have met elsewhere that now work at Disney

@Pop: I see.

I actually have a friend who used to work at Legoland. She says it was terrible.

Oh hey the thread works again.

@Blarg: Had a visit from the hamster fairy?
*gives Blarg a 9 Iron*
Would you kindly whack me in the face with this. I majorly derped and have been derping every time I had a different mic plugged into my sound card.

@nero Knotts is pretty terrible to work at I hear outside of Haunt. Though Haunt is starting to get bad. If this year is as bad as last I might not come back even though I love it.

@Pop: *Surprise Tackle!* Hello... I haven't been to Knott's since I was a kid... the only thing I remember was a petting Zoo and that there was this one goat who kept trying to eat my petting zoo food straight from my bag. I had to run away from it...

@M3Rp: *Replaces 9 Iron with Sledge Hammer*

I don't really like maiming faces. :o

@disaster well hello there*is tackled* wait...knotts had a petting zoo? *bewildered expression*

@Pop: I swear I'm thinking of the right spot. I was so young ... maybe 3. My parents told me that they took me to Knott's then. I'm still unwell... *cuddles for comfort*

Looks like they had one up to 2002. |LINK|

Guess who feels like puking.
Ugh, I feel terrible for some reason.

@Nero: I'm with you there.

@disaster i never knew that *cuddles for comfort and warmth* it's bloody cold right now

@Blarg: Feeling blargy huh? I drank some water and that helped me a bit.

Also, I'm excited! I got and upgrade disc for Windows 7 Ultimate edition for only $15.

@M3rp: As long as it isn't Win8... I hear that blows... my dad got it on his new laptop and he HATES it.

@Disaster: Indeed. Anyway, good news. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate onto my laptop.
Bad news, all my drivers are gone, including the network adapter one. So basically I've got no Internet and no way to connect to it on my laptop. Gonna see if I can get the drivers on a disc at work and reinstall them. I just want the ability to go on the Internet again. All my other programs I can just reinstall myself since I have their discs. Which is basically just Pinnacle Studios and Hauppauge's ArcSoft Showbiz. Everything else I can reinstall via internet

@M3rp: This is why I advocate slipstreaming drivers into OS installs.

@Disaster: No idea why they advocate the "keep all your files and drivers" for the upgrade when it obviously didn't. I think it has more to do with the different drivers for different laptops. Although a basic network adapter driver would be nice. Then you can get the other drivers you'd need.

*Shuffles in and falls on the ground*

My computer has all of it's drivers back and now I only need to get my Steam games to actually want to redownload!

@M3rp: Format C: That's the command to get your steam games to redownload.... har har har... ugh... I'm in a mood.

@Disaster: Well the main issue I was having was that it kept saying that there was missing app cache and that it couldn't be installed. Turned off my computer and it started to work, but it seems to just be downloading the regular New Vegas and not my Ultimate Edition.

Remember GNPZ? I remember him. I remember several people.

@Red: I remember things.... sometimes >.>

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