If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Speaking of which.... [CENSORED]

Oh come on! Now I'm curious!

This is an odd thing to wake up to...

but but my gender is listed in my profile.....just cause I am androgynous looking occasionally.......

You expect research on the internet? Doesn't seem like you have been here long.

Why is a bird in my bed?

I think you're seeing things...

Oh hi, get out of my bed.

And what exactly do YOU want?

What do I have to do to keep from ending up in that bag of yours?

You can start by not taking the cold side of the bed!

No need to be rude. Its a bed.

A bed which is MINE!

Nope, I don't mind. Stay a little...

This bed is owned by none, yet all.

Oh @stranger you know I've been here a while. I expect nothing on the internet except porn. Lots and lots of porn

Did we do anything illegal?

Just remember! It's only illegal if other people find out about it!

Ain't that the truth. :3

Yep. :-D

With you it ought to be! OUT OUT! *shoves*

*Sigh* You need to try harder...

*Kicks in groin*

*Kicks back.*

this bed is to violent!

*goes to find a new bed*

*slices the bed*
Is everyone fine now?

No, evilneko left... :-(

People just leaving? That isn't good.

It is if it means more space for ME! =D

I'd probably go to the ER to get stitches for all the face fistings I received last night.

Stay a while. :3

Will you listen?

Will YOU?

Please do. :3

I'll disassemble you.

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