If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@disaster *cuddles up to*

@pop: *Cuddles up to you as well...* Hello there. *-*

*pounces Ankara*
Haven't seen you for a while.

@disaster how you been?

@Nero: Yeah, been busy with coursework >.<
How are you?

@Ankara: Just began school today and my parents are nagging me to death about the loan I filled out. Upgraded my OS to Windows 7 Ultimate and had to reinstall everything including the basic drivers for my computer like the Wifi Driver.
Finally I got a new mic and interwebz so now my connection is not 128 kbps at maximum, but 700 kbps at maximum.

@pop: I'm good! Awake right now but hopefully pills with rectify that issue. Getting into a new Esc. RP and I'm rather happy with the personality of the character that I've written so far.

Shifty McGee, Undertaker of the Wastes (Fallout 3)

How are you ma'dear?

@Disaster: Tell me more of this Shifty McGee. XD

@M3rp: Thomas "Shifty" McGee, Age 24, born to Fritz "Fritzy" McGee and Milly McGee. Sister Christy McGee. Born "out West" somewhere 24 years prior to the events he now find himself in.

@Disaster: And is this before, during, or after the events occurring in Fallout 3?
If there was ever a New Vegas RP I might actually try it out.

@M3rp: It's the Wild Wastes... set after the events of FO3... I think.

This is my latest few posts and I think I really hit my stride figuring out who our Gentlemanly Man of a Dead is. LINK

@Disaster: Hm, I wonder if it'd be during the events of New Vegas then since it takes place in 2281.

@M3rp: Unsure... if you're interested you might wanna talk to FalloutJack.

@Disaster: Ah, I see. May just do so then.

@M3rp: He's been pretty busy of late, however... RL stuff and all but he's a nice guy... interesting once you get to know him.

@Disaster: I've seen him from time to time but never really talked with him.

@M3rp: It should be noted that when I say interesting... I don't mean that he's as interesting as I am... just sayin =P

@Disaster: Of course. XD
Also, seems that it's that cycle time again. The time when I must find a webcomic that's been going on for a while and just start reading it. Haven't gotten into one lately, and by lately I mean in 1 and 1/2 years.

@M3rp: The last one I read was Applegeeks but that one has sadly passed on to the realm of no further updates.

Megatokyo, erfworld... erm... I used to read twokinds and finders keepers...

Actually I haven't read a webcomic for a LOOOOOOONG time.

@Disaster: Last one I read was TwoKinds and HousePets...
Don't judge me. >.<
No idea why I read them but nothing else was interesting. Lambi and Rainboq showed it to me long ago.

@M3Rp: I still find megatokyo hilarious from time to time... Erfworld's art I enjoy quite so.

@Disaster: Might as well give them a try. Need something to fill the void.

@disaster an emotional wreck. Also unrelated but saw Les Mis today finally. As for the emotional wreck it's more concerning relationships and such because my best friend and i were talking. http://gamingtimeladyfromgallifrey.tumblr.com/post/40832658148/more-so-im-texting-my-best-friend-and-we-got If you want to read about it that would be the link. Few cuss words. All photos SFW. Also I have homemade blueberry muffins. Which are great.

@pop: Glad you have the muffins and sorry that you're wrecked emotionally. Honestly, it sucks that you've given up on dating. *huuugs* I read you post and if you'd like a response then I'd be more than happy to PM it to you... otherwise all I can offer at this very moment is *cuddles*

*neck cracks*
Slept on my neck. Now it hurts when I move my neck. X.X

@Nero: D:

Coursework's all done now, Yay =^_^=
*Begins worrying I've done it all wrong*

@M3rp: Enjoy any of the webcomics I recommended?

@Ankara: I'm sure you did fine. *cuddles*
Do you read webcomics?

@Disaster: Been unable to start them as I'm at work today. I also have to test some of my computer programs when I get home to make sure that they work properly. Then I indulge myself in webcomics. XD
Managed to read all of Housepets in 4 days. XD
I used to also read Brawl in the Family a lot too.

@Ank: No worries Anky! You dun good!
@M3rp: Well aren't you the responsible young man... Remember though all work and no play makes m3rp a something something.

@Nero: *Cuddles*
Sometimes... well I used to

@Disaster: Well I do need to pay for rent. Plus my computer does need to work for my classes.

@Ankara: Which ones?

@Nero: I can't remember, I gave up cause they stopped updating for so long. >.<

@Ankara: TwoKinds is actually pretty good. Well that's how I remember it and it's still going.

@disaster if you would like to do a response go right ahead and do so. *cuddles* and when am I not fucked up emotionally?

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