If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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*takes guns away*
NO! stop shooting the bed!

Huh, Kuro-chan... you turned purple...

I want those cherry blossoms in bed too!

*Headbutts into oblivion*

If only you took up as much space on the bed as that shadow...

Why are you punching me?! I did nothing to you!

Cozy little house I wake up to is owned by Ren~ ^.^
Join the FG user group please!

Please tell me I didn't screw a corpse last night.

Please tell me you're a hot witch and not a hag!

ahh, what a beautiful morn-OH MY GOD!!

why am I in bed with two girls and one that is being repeatedly punch in the face!

why not?

P-p-p-please don't kill me...

*pulls out Magnus Club (which is a giant sword btw)* Alright, who is ready to get sliced?

Swords? I care not for swords! *punch*

Two violent women. The best kind of women. :-D

You have strange tastes, stranger.

You're goin to jail, stranger.

I should really consider not sleeping outside under a tree... :\

Sorry, i'll be on my way now. Nothing against you, just... there may be some laws we may need to worry about.

*Punches thread*

Not very friendly, punching threads and the like.

I'm sure it'll get over it.


But not the punching? =D *punch*

You should know that i'm thoroughly opposed to domestic violence.

Non-domestic, however...


I need to make sure that you won't find someway to dissect me. :-/

That is an interesting avatar Porygon.

And so is yours.

*batarang to the face*

Didn't work, my friend. Try something else. And you're Batman, meaning that you're both in my bed and not at the same time.

How about multiple punches to the face? =D

We could've had a nice threesome if you two would just stop punching each other...

Oh lord! I... um...



I'm watching you...

What are you exactly? O.o

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