If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Don't ask me why, but somehow the Forum Games user group managed to convince me to sing Bink's Sake.
Here's what I'm gonna be singing. XD

@pop: I imagine you're not when you're cuddled. *Cuuuuuuudles and falls asleep*

Well managed to sing it. ^.^

@disaster *cuddles back* i think i am when cuddled but since it so rarely happens irl i can't really tell you

*hugs Pop*
Don't worry, I don't get many cuddles in real life either.

@nero yeah but I'm also a very high maintenance friend and I try not to be which makes my life infinitely harder *hugs*

*hugs more*
My song will cheer you up. That song took me about 7 takes to get right. >.<
It was always the tone and pitch of my voice. Tempo was always fine.
If that doesn't work then this always lifts up my spirits.

@nero it doesn't work considering my mood is more the mood of this song

@Pop: D:
Now I'm sad. *hugs*

@nero *hugs* I'm just exhausted. Not enough alcohol or sleep. Not sure which but I do know I stopped drinking in between 3 am and 430 am and I got a whole 45 mins of sleep. And have like 2 more Friday the 13th movies til I'm done minus Freddy vs Jason. And soon as I'm finished with those two I'm watching the rest of Nightmare on Elm Street and then Freddy vs Jason. That said I'm off to bed for a few hours til I have to pick my best friend up

@Pop: Well sleep is most likely the best.

@nero you'd think

@Pop: Well anything away from alcohol really. Mainly because I've seen 3 aunts have strokes because of it, one being right in front of me. Guess that's why I've never had any. That and I can't stand the smell.


Character #2 for Fallout New Vegas done. Started a third yesterday but I'm going to play the game through again much later. I'll save all the NCR stuff for then.

@Red: I usually save all the main quests once I finish the side quests. Annoying part for me is that in the New Vegas Bounties 2 I don't know how to find one of the bounties. >.<

@nero well that one failed. I had a little more to drink. But not like last night. 6 crown and cokes last night(at least. I'm estimating), 1 bottle raspberry cider, kamikaze shot, 2 beers. Might have been more but liquor wise my brain is fuzzy. Finished all the Friday the 13th films except Freddy vs. Jason. That one I'm saving til later this week after I finish all of Nightmare on Elm Street.

@Pop: All the Friday the 13th films!? Ugh, the only good ones in my opinion were the first and second one. Never really watched the Nightmare on Elm Street films though. Just be careful with the liquor though, okay? *hugs*

@April: Don't drink more because I've stopped! :P

@nero the reboot wasn't too terrible. And the deaths in the later ones were ridiculous and hilarious. And we were having fun telling the girls that they were dumb bitches and such. Nightmare on Elm Street is amazing. We are at the 4th when I get back to her place. And I haven't drank much since that day. The next day I had cider for breakfast with dry cereal and then a lot of water but it wasn't much. And yesterday I had a sip of a beer i haven't tried and then a lot of water. Today is at least a lot of water.

@red why would i start drinking because you stopped? I didn't even know you stopped or had even started

And what's going on here.

@Blarg: No idea to be quite honest.
I'm just bored as I want my part to come in the mail already. That and I want my copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix that I preordered. Not been hyped for a game in a loooooooong time. Heck can't even remember the last game I ever preordered.

I am home today! And tomorrow! And most of Friday! But Saturday and Sunday there is no way in hell I'll be home. Saturday will be drinking and watching the Halloween series. Also I am done with both the Friday the 13th series and the Nightmare on Elm Street series. Including the reboots and Freddy vs. Jason. I feel accomplished. And am planning a female Freddy cosplay in which his sweater turns into a corset but everything else stays the same including the burns.

Cursed cyberdiscs.

@Blarg: What happened?

Mutons everywhere is what happened.

Yay, I just bought myself Luigi's Mansion. ^.^

@Nero: Is it good?

@Tizzy: It's being shipped to me. Have you never played Luigi's Mansion.
It's pretty much the best Ghostbusters game that has ever been made. XD

I love Luigi's mansion.

@Blarg: Tis the best Ghostbuster-esque game ever. Never could get an A rank, although I never knew about the gold diamonds.

Treasure rooms are nice.

Can I marry Robert Englund's voice? Is that possible? Anyone know how to do it?

I see no reason you shouldn't try dear.

@Pop: If people can marry love pillows and anime characters then I don't see why not. XP

@Blarg: Yeah I would go there, but I'd never get the gold diamonds because I didn't know about them.

@April: Why the name change?

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