If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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Why not?

@Blarg: Indeed.

@Red: I asked the same thing too. Oh well I somewhat wish that I could change my name again.

@red because it is my haunt name and it's what I go by and I rarely hear my actual name anymore
@xam thank you for the encouragement m'dear
@nero I like your way of thinking. I shall now look into this

Anytime, how have things been? :o

@xam decent. Watching the Halloween movies. On 5 right now

Hey there large group of people in a beached log ride car, how you doin?

I decided I hated my icon again and changed it

And bonus a photo of me actually smiling

Additional bonus a photo of me being distracted that I really like

All 3 photos are from my birthday this year at Disney.

Yay photos I'd post one but nobody's asked. :o

Looks nice by the way. :p

@Blarg: Would you post a picture of yourself? :D

@Pop: Nice. XD

@Nero: I suppose I could post an ancient one.

@xam no one really asks me either I just kind of do it. Vanity's a bitch. And you look nice in the picture love I don't know why you don't like it.
@nero thanks

Shouldn't be too hard to figure out. :P

@Blarg: You look fine. I on the other hand take terrible pictures. That's why I've got no pictures of me on my computer. XD

@Pop: No problem. Now to defrag my computer. ^.^


It's gone quiet...

All your fault.

Needs more explosions.

Would definitely improve things.

*blows up nearby orphanage*
That good enough?

I don't think so >.>

*puts bombs on Eiffel Tower*
How about this? :D

Yeah....no <.<

*blows up San Francisco*
There, happy? No SF means no 49ers. >:D

Pfft, still no >.>

@Shock: What must I blow up to liven this place up!? DX XD

@Nero: Xmbts. Do it, you know you want to.

@Shock:...but...but that's not nice...>.>
Can't I just blow up Donald Trump? :D

@Nero: Nope, Xmbts. Don't worry, it's fine :P

@Shock:...hm, we seem to be at an impasse then.

It is a tough decision.

@Nero: Pfft, not if you just agreed with me :/

Tough decision? Why not instead just bomb random things? I mean, people are just....well, they don't blow up well. In personal opinion, of course.

I feel like I shouldn't have opened this thread, bye~

I'm sure I blow up better then the average person. :o

@Kal: scared you off already? :p

@Kal: Wait, come back! We have cookies!

@Blarg: Sees we scared him off easily.

@Stranger: Good idea. *arms nukes*

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