If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

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@Nero: *pounces on the fish*

*pounces on Ankara*
My trap worked. ^.^

*pounces on Max*

Damn! I was too late.


...I'm stuck.

@Pop: *Is tackle hugged* HI you! Miss me? Cause I missed you! Been a busy hellish 10 days for me but I'm back... from outer space!

@Ankara: The picture is on 1710 though, so yeah you aren't missing much. <.>

@Red: Uh Red, I'm over here.
*pounced on Ankara* XD

@Mr. Toad: What do you mean, pub club?
It's a thing I did late at night because I was extremely bored and @Dr.Susse: mentioned it, I haven't even bothered checking out what extra features I have, I know there's like a subforum and stuff, the big thing is supposed to be no ads but ads never really bugged me, not having captcha is weird though.

@Ms. Pop: Well I didn't mean to spy just force of habit, threads don't tend to look like personal conversations though, so it was kinda weird.
Also it's a pleasure to meet you, even if I think we had met before because I remember the user name AprilMarie.

@Nero: O.O
*Falls over*

@Xmbts:Hehe, I saw it, and I've seen you before :p

@Ankara: I forget these things.

@Kal: You get a bigger avvy and can pick a title. There's not too many substantial perks though I like not dealing with captchas.

@Xmbts: Hehe, ah well *Cuddles*
How are you?

@Ankara: New day, new fun times. XD

@Blarg: I wish that there were more perks. Then perhaps I'd get pub club for once. I've been offered for other people to pay for it, but I don't like other people besides my family spending money on me.

@Nero: Mew~ =^_^=

@Ankara: I'm loving that I get to play Luigi's Mansion again. I'm really pushing it to it's limits though with the Progressive Scan and forcing it's output into 1080i with the HDMI converter.

@Ankara: Pretty neutral, you?

@kal you figured out my other identity.......

@disaster of course I missed you silly. Did you see the photos I posted a few pages back from my Disneyland trip?

@Nero: Hurray =^_^=

@Xmbts: I'm.... I dunno... weird.

@Ankara: It looks beautiful too. Now I just need to wait for Double Dash and the Zelda double pack to arrive. ^.^
Plus I need to record some Ape Escape 2 and some FF X International at some point. >.>

@Nero: O.O
You record a lot XD

@Ankara: Well I won't get a partnership by making little to no videos. XD
I wanna get a partnership with The Gaming Station and or become a Director at Game Anyone.

@Nero: *Giggles* i never said it was a bad thing :P

@Ankara: Indeed. It can be stressful at times when I have a deadline to meet. Especially when I had a huge bulk of one project, only to have the files be corrupted and unusable. >.<

@Nero: D: *Cuddles*

@Ankara: *cuddles*
Guess what, just found out that there is a PSP HDMI converter. ^.^
Problem is it is about $100...>.>
I'd love to get it though.

@Ankara: Weird how? :o

Computer pulled a Houdini on me!
It made my only finished episode of my secret project disappear! >.<

@pop: Not yet but I will definitely check them out ;)

@disaster you fail. Horribly.

@Nero: D: *Cuddles* Evil computer :(

@Xmbts: *Cuddles* I dunno, just been feeling weird lately :(

@Pop: Clearly you've been talking to my parents if you believe this. And I did see those photos, beauts. :D

@Ankara: *Hugs*

I hope you feel like yourself again soon, seems like a lot of weirdness is going around. :o

@Ankara: Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles I guess. Didn't take long to edit, just took a while to render. Gonna fix that by upgrading my RAM next month to 8GB. Surprisingly it's really not that expensive.

@disaster I have no clue who your parents are or how to contact them. Nor do I care to. And I only said that because you initially missed me putting up photos(again). I have some others but they are being specifically kept on either my deviantart or my tumblr. And that's cause they involve me and Ginger torturing squeakers.

*collapses onto floor*
Moved about 1000 pieces of steel pipe by myself. So tired...*passes out*

@Nero: *pounces on and huggles*

@Xmbts: *Cuddles* me too

*is pounced*
Hi there.

Got Mario Kart Double Dash in the mail today. ^.^

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